Ray Rice and DV

No More, Thanks to Ray Rice

The NFL’s horrendous fumble to only suspend football player, Ray Rice, for only two games, in their attempt to remedy Rice’s involvement in...
By Chris Arce | November 10, 2014
NFL Sports Ray Rice

Drama in Sports: The NFL and Ray Rice

By now we have all heard of the infamous Ray Rice scandal involving his then fiancée – now wife – Janay Palmer, which was one of the many...
By Brittany Brewer | October 13, 2014

Week 3 Basketball Game Notes

Week 3 of Basketball Game 1: 12pm StinkyPinkies v. Malicious Tortfeasors Score: 57-31 Notes: For the first game of the day, the...
By Bryana Carey | February 22, 2014

Game Notes from the Week of 11/18/2013 for Soccer

Game 1: Conditions: A thrill of Pumpkin Spice GOALS In the Air Match-Up: The Jugardores: Soccer Legends v. Malicious Tortfeasors Score:...
By Bryana Carey | November 20, 2013

IM Soccer Peanut Gallery Update Week 3

Game Notes  11/11/2013 Game 1: Time: 2pm Conditions: Stinky with a whole lot of Pinkies Match-Up: #StinkyPinkies v. CW Free Agents...
By Bryana Carey | November 13, 2013

IM Soccer Peanut Gallery Update Week 2

Game Notes  11/3/2013 Game 1 Time: 2pm Conditions: Happy with a feel of Malicious. Match-Up: Happy Feet v. Malicious Tortfeasors Score...
By Bryana Carey | November 6, 2013
IM Football Finalists

IM Football Peanut Gallery Update - Championship

Game Notes Week: CHAMPIONSHIPS Game 1: 11AM; Conditions: Sunny with a cool breeze of maliciousness TJSL Stallions v. Malicious...
By Bryana Carey | October 14, 2013

IM Football Peanut Gallery Update - Week 3

Game 1: 11AM; Conditions: 82 °F. 100% chance of some good ol’ fashion football. Torts Illustrated v. #StinkyPinkies Final Score: 12-38...
By Bryana Carey | October 2, 2013

IM Football Peanut Gallery Update - Week 2

Game 1: 11am Conditions: Clear and smooth like the hair of the dog. The HUGE Winners v. Cal West #4 Final Score: 41-0 The HUGE Winners...
By Bryana Carey | September 25, 2013

IM Football Peanut Gallery Update- Week 1

Game 1: 11am Conditions: Sunny with a side of Hungover: - The Huge Winners v. Cal West #3 o Final Score: 12-6 The excitement of the 2013...
By Bryana Carey | September 22, 2013
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