Thomas Jefferson School of Law

Student Bar AssociationStudent Bar Association

2009-2010 Student Bar Association Officers

Executive Board


President – Christopher G. Paulos

Vice-President & Editor-in-Chief, The Informer  – Jeremy M. Evans

Treasurer – Melodie Dan

Secretary – Courtney Darnell



Chairs & Committees


American Bar Association Representative – Sarah Robinson

Academics Chair – Jay Temple

Alumni Relations Chair – Brandon Leopoldus

Athletic Chairs – Jessica Stocks & Kevin Vesely

Community Committee – Sterling Williams

Fundraising Chair – Vanessa Duisters

Parliamentarian – Cheri Aegertar

Public Relations Chair – Katie Tooma

Social Chair - Raj Matani



Class Representatives


2L Class Representative – Jeff Hutchins & Steven Riley

1L Class Representatives – Marty Stratte, Nancy Astifo, Ryan Ciriaco, & Aaron Gorman