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Students at Thomas Jefferson School of Law come from all walks of life, from all over the country and the world. The diversity is what makes us rich in ideas and activities. The school’s location in the heart of downtown San Diego supports a network of student activities and job opportunities. There are dozens of student-run organizations at the school offering professional workshops, networking opportunities, social events and community service projects. Competitive legal teams that travel to competitions around the country are also part of the student experience. Faculty members are a big part of the student experience at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. Many faculty members advise the student clubs and organizations as well as plan special guest lecture and event programs. San Diego has great places for play and for study. Students can pick their locale, whether it is with a study group on the beach, on the lawn at a downtown park, or in the corner of a neighborhood eatery. Wherever it is, Thomas Jefferson School of Law is there for you.


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Latest Student News

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