Student Organizations

Our student organizations are the lifeblood of your experience here at Thomas Jefferson. The more than 30 organizations can offer you professional workshops in your areas of interest, amazing networking opportunities, community service projects and lots of social activities.


You also will have the opportunity to join one of our extraordinarily successful competition teams, the Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Mock Trial Team and the Moot Court Team. All three teams have an outstanding track-record of success against teams from the nation’s top-ranked law schools.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Team: Competes in negotiation and mediation competitions, and students develop dispute resolution skills applicable to virtually any area of practice.


Mock Trial Team: Competes in trial advocacy competitions, and students develop courtroom skills of particular value to a trial lawyer, such as a criminal prosecutor or defense attorney, a personal injury or medical malpractice plaintiffs’ lawyer, or an insurance defense lawyer.


Moot Court Team: Competes in appellate advocacy competitions, and students develop persuasive writing and oral argument skills relevant to practice areas in which legal writing is a critical component, such as a criminal law attorney focusing on appellate practice, a death penalty litigator, a business law litigator, or an intellectual property law litigator.


Visit the Student Bar Association (SBA).



American Constitution Society (ACS)


President  Brandon Theus
Treasurer  Brittany Brewer
Secretary  Liku Madoshi


Armenian Law Student Association (ALS) 


President  Meline Grigoryan
Secretary  Anna Dzhabaryan


Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA)


President  William Remo
Co-President  Resa Tsuneyoshi
Vice President Christopher Kim
Treasurer Suzanne Hinckle
Secretary  Geraldine Garcia


Black Law Students Association (BLSA)


President  Constance Perry
Vice President Gabrielle Williams
Treasurer Monique Larmond
Secretary  Dominique Parris
Diversity Chair  Nicolos Spinger


Business Law Association 


President  Sunil Ali
Vice President Norell Manning
Secretary  Marina Kabanoyskaya
Treasurer Andrei-Valdmir Dumitrescv


Criminal Law Society (Crim Law) 


Co-President  Laura Matteis
Vice President  Ana Nino
Secretary  Kelli Brown

Justice & Re-entry Society


President  Shahidah Lacy
Vice President Nicolas Spinger

Delta Theta Phi


Dean Briana Berg
Vice-Dean Randy Rivas
Treasurer Travis Strachota
Clerk of Rolls Derek Herrera
Social Committee Norell Manning


Entertainment Law Society (ENT)


President Andrea Simmons
Vice President  Robert Lopez
Secretary  Marina Kabanoyskaya


Environmental Law Society (ENV)


President Morgan Karalash
Vice President Will Hall
Secretary  Rebecca Orloff
Treasurer  Ivana Duarte

Family Law Society (FLS)


President Daniel Blattner
Vice President Kelli Brown
Secretary  Adam Martin


Immigration Law Society (ILS)


President  Oscar Rojas-Fuentes
Vice President  Noelia Ferreyra
Secretary Vanessa Valenzuela
Treasurer Jenny Kumar


Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA)


President Donny Sampora
Vice President  Rachelle Law
Secretary Mordechai Wolowitzch
Treasurer  Joshua Hauptman


International Law Society (INTLS)


President Christopher Asmar
Vice President  Laura Rose Matteis
Treasurer Lauren Pavenhouse
Secretary Lilia Rodriguez
Social Events Diksha Vadan


J. Reuben Clark Law Society (JRC)


President Ross McKissick
Vice President  Melanie Anderson
Scribe Taylor Rawlings


Jewish Student Union (JSU) 


President  Rachel Baum
Vice President Melissa Madrid
Secretary  Melissa Madrid
Treasurer Raquel Mor


Labor & Employment Law Association 


President  Amber Zendejas
Vice President Rachel Fisher
Treasurer Brandon Theus
Secretary  Karen Richards


La Raza Student Association (LARAZA)


President  Maggie Gaan
Vice President  Antonio Estrada
Secretary  Kim Cruz
Treasurer Jennifer Gandara


Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) 


Co-President Jessica Ayala
Co-President Shahidah Lacy


Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA)


President Natasha Francisco
Vice President Eva Kobi
Treasurer Kevin Retoriano
Secretary Raquel Mor


National Lawyers Guild (NLG) 


Co-President John Simone
Vice President Brittany Green
Treasurer Laura Zuniga-Huizar
Secretary Maria Espinoza


Native American Law Students Association (NALSA)


President  Ruby Faagau
Vice President  Geraldine Garcia
Secretary  Evelyun Medina
Treasurer  Maria Esponiza


Outlaw Society


President  Jeffrey Carr
Co-President June Fan
Treasurer Erin Panichkul
Secretary Ruby Faagu


Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) 

Justice  Amanda Wang
Vice Justice Stephanie Delaney
Treasurer  Gurmilian "Millie" Kang
Clerk Alexandria Jones
Marshal  Toni Ramos


Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF)


President  Rebecca Orloff
Treasurer  Ayola "Ciera" Renguul


South Asian Law Students Association
President  Gurmilian Kang
Co-President  Geraldine Garcia

Sports Law Society (Sports)


President  Decker Cady
Vice President  Jennifer "Pua" Uyehara
Secretary  Brendan Dlubalba
Treasurer  Phillip Mauriello

Students Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF)


President  Katelynn Meidl
Vice President/Secretary Resa Tsuneyoshi

Student Veterans of America (SVA)


President  Melissa Madrid
Vice President  Franklyn DeCoteau
Treasurer  Erica Ronquillo


Tax Law Society (Tax)


President Whitney Pilch
VP of Administration Scott Smith
VP of Communications Lisa Field
VP of Operation Luiza Vannucci Dias
VP of Research Philip Mauriello


Women's Law Association (WLA)


President  Janate Valenzuela
Vice President  Kelly Bell
Secretary Elizabeth Hanson