Organizations & Teams

Student Organizations

Our student organizations are the lifeblood of your experience here at TJSL. The more than 30 organizations can offer you professional workshops in your areas of interest, amazing networking opportunities, community service projects and lots of social activities.


You also will have the opportunity to join one of our extraordinarily successful competition teams, the Alternative Dispute Resolution, the Mock Trial Team and the Moot Court Team. All three teams have an outstanding track-record of success against teams from the nation’s top-ranked law schools.


Alternative Dispute Resolution Team: Competes in negotiation and mediation competitions, and students develop dispute resolution skills applicable to virtually any area of practice.


Mock Trial Team: Competes in trial advocacy competitions, and students develop courtroom skills of particular value to a trial lawyer, such as a criminal prosecutor or defense attorney, a personal injury or medical malpractice plaintiffs’ lawyer, or an insurance defense lawyer.


Moot Court Team: Competes in appellate advocacy competitions, and students develop persuasive writing and oral argument skills relevant to practice areas in which legal writing is a critical component, such as a criminal law attorney focusing on appellate practice, a death penalty litigator, a business law litigator, or an intellectual property law litigator.


Student Bar Association (SBA)

Student Organization Alumni Mentor List 2013 - 2014


Armenian Law Student Association (ALS) (2013-2014)

President - Najda Aslanyan

Vice President - Eila Barsegyan

Secretary - Armine Kevorkian


Asian Pacific American Law Student Association (APALSA) (2013-2014)

President - Jacqueline Nicolas

Treasurer - Sol Sung 

Secretary - Ashley Salas

Diversity Chair - Ian Seruelo


Black Law Students Association (BLSA) (2013-2014)

President - Jillian Kates

Vice President - Jacquelyn Lewis 

Diversity Chair - J.B. Campbell


Business Law Association (2013-2014)

President - Jeremy Elias

Vice President - Alexander Green 

Secretary - Lorena Garza

Treasurer - Conor Leedom 


Criminal Law Society (Crim Law) (2013-2014)

President - Elizabeth Fraser

Vice President - Brad Sorrentino

Secretary - Ashley Walker

Criminal Expungement (Crim Exp) (2013-2014)

President:  Monica Kazemi

Vice President: John Stauffer
Secretary:  Conrad Ohashi



Entertainment Law Society (ENT) (2013-2014)

President - Chanel DiBlasi

Treasurer - Bradley Sorrentino

Secretary - Phylicia Coleman

Industry Liason - Vinecea Edwards


Environmental Law Society (ENV) (2013-2014)

President - Orlando Palizzo

Vice President - Lukas Bylund

Secretary - Chalsie Keller

Family Law Society (FLS) (2013-2014)

President - Jessica Carlson 

Vice President - John Sylvester


Federalist Society (2013-2014)

President  - Chase Victorson

Vice President - Rachel King

Treasurer - Kevin Furgol


Immigration Law Society (ILS) (2013-2014)

President - Ismeal Iniguez

Vice President - Ian Seruelo

Treasurer - Hector Leija

Communications Director - Ryan Davis


Intellectual Property Law Association (IPLA) (2013-2014)

President - Derek Midkiff

Vice President - Stephanie Ferguson 

Secretary - Chanel DiBlasi


International Law Society (INTLS) (2013-2014)

President - Bryana Carey 

Vice President - Brad Sorrentino 

Treasurer - Lukas Bylaund

Social Events - Tracey Plata

Treasurer - Brett Beitmirza


J. Reuben Clark Law Society (JRC) (2013-2014)

President - Jenny Perkins

Treasurer - Kathryn Bleazard

Secretary - Candance Herling


Jefferson Law Republicans (JLR) (2013-2014)

President - Rachel King

Vice President - Richard Schuman


Jewish Student Union (JSU) (2013-2014)

President & Treasurer - Rachel Baum

Vice President - Erica Bloom

Secretary - Jason Rothman

Event Coordinator - Rachel Travis


Labor & Employment Law Association (2013-2014)

President - Ian Seruelo
Vice President - Sam Kossack
Secretary - John Young
Treasurer - Rachel Vogt
Dir. of Int. Affairs - Sean Pan
Dir. of Ext. Affairs - Lucia Valenzuela
Dir. of Communications - Michael Arellanez


La Raza Student Association (LARAZA) (2013-2014)

President - Samantha Morales
Vice President - Karen Barragan
Secretary - Christina Hebert
Community Liason - Jose Rodriquez
Community Liason - Leo Fuentes


Law Students for Reproductive Justice (LSRJ) (2013-2014)

Co-President - Cris Kinsella

Co-President - Tara Almazan

Vice President - Erin Panichkul

Treasurer - Christina Aghajanian

Event Coordinator - Kimberly Coulter


Middle Eastern Law Students Association (MELSA) (2013-2014)

President - Talayeh Haghighi

Treasurer - Babak Moghadam

Secretary - Eva Kobi


National Lawyers Guild (NLG) (2013-2014)

President - Davendra Raj Ghandi Rajari

Vice President - Stephannie Obioha

Secretary - Wade Freitas

Treasurer - Trevor Potts


Native American Law Student Association (NALSA) (2013-2014)

President - Rachel Weckhorst Espejo
Vice President - Samantha Morales
Secretary - Monique Rodriguez
Treasurer - Khouloud Elmasri


Outdoors Club (2013-2014)

President - Damon Booth 

Vice President - Nima Etemadian

Treasurer - Kelly Duffy 

Event Coordinator - Lukas Bylund


Phi Alpha Delta (PAD) Law Fraternity, Franklin Chapter (2013-2014)

Justice - Chelsey Guay

Treasurer - Andrew Myers

Clerk - Pauline Isidro 

Marshal - Chelsea Grover


Public Interest Law Foundation (PILF) (2013-2014)

President - Ashley Salas 

Vice President - Jessica McCracken 

Secretary - Shannon Laoye 

Treasurer - Christina Hebert


South Asian Law Students Association (2013-2014)
President - Chris Ngo
Vice President - Pamela Abella
Treasurer - Tritisa Leonard
Secretary - Ashley Walker

Sports Law Society (Sports) (2013-2014)

President - Michelle Evenson

Vice President - Sara LeProwse

Secretary - Monique Mumford

Treasurer - Amanda Bremseth

Students Animal Legal Defense Fund (SALDF) (2013-2014)

President - Monica Kazeni

Vice President - Gina Cucuzella 

Secretary - Tara Shaw 

1L Rep - Kath Rodgers

Tax Law Society (Tax) (2013-2014)

President - Theron West
VP for Administration - Shawn Spaulding
VP for Operations - Peter Hackmann


Women's Law Association (WLA) (2013-2014)

President - Katie Smith 

Vice President - Alyssa Casiple 

Treasurer - Michelle Mance

VP of Events & Members - Cassandra Sutliff