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To Solo...or Not

By Tom Curl | Opinions, Life in the Law, Featured Stories at TJSL, Alumni
So, it has come to an end. The three or four years in law school, bar study, the hellish bar exam, and now you’re a lawyer without a job....

Female MMA

By William Kropach | Sports
It wasn’t long ago that the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) was considered too violent, and something that should go away. In time, the sport has...

Padres Preview

By Chris Arce | San Diego Current Events, Sports
The Padres’ Executive Chairman, Ron Fowler, and CEO, Mike Dee, have been busy making moves and spending money over the offseason to better...

Robert Durst

By Shawn Bakshi | Current Events, National Current Events
There is an old saying, “The third time is a charm.” For millionaire real-estate heir Robert Durst however, the third time may be his jinx...

What's in a Word

By Shawn Bakshi | Current Events, Global Current Events, National Current Events, Opinions
Without referencing a dictionary, can you define the word terror? If you can, I envy your seemingly eidetic memory. If you can’t its ok;...

TJSL's Barristers Ball

By Michelle Ribaudo | TJSL, Featured Stories at TJSL, Student Org News
This year, the Student Bar Association (SBA) is hosting their annual Barrister’s Ball on Saturday, March 28th at the field of Petco Park!...

The Ultimate Valentine's Day Calendar

By Brittany Brewer | TJSL, Master Calendar
Here is a list of what San Diego has to offer for all you love birds on Valentine's Day.

From Your SBA President, Katie Smith

By Katie Smith | TJSL, Featured Stories at TJSL, Student Org News
From the moment you stepped into this school, law students, lawyers, and others whose lives seem to revolve around TJSL and the practice of...

5 Romantic Date Night Ideas for Valentine's Day

By Melanie Anderson | Current Events, San Diego Current Events, Entertainment
This year Barristers Ball doesn’t fall on Valentine’s Day, which means we have to come up with our own plans for celebrating Valentine’s...

Professional Surfing One-Hour North from Downtown San Diego

By William Kropach | Current Events, San Diego Current Events, Sports
2015 Hurley Pro Trestles & Swatch Pro Trestles[1] The 2015 Hurley and Swatch Pro Trestles are the World Surf League (WSL) Champion...