Bryana Carey

Athletic Director


Week 3 Basketball Game Notes

Week 3 of Basketball Game 1: 12pm StinkyPinkies v. Malicious Tortfeasors Score: 57-31 Notes: For the first game of the day, the...
By Bryana Carey | February 22, 2014

IM Soccer Peanut Gallery Update Week 3

Game Notes  11/11/2013 Game 1: Time: 2pm Conditions: Stinky with a whole lot of Pinkies Match-Up: #StinkyPinkies v. CW Free Agents...
By Bryana Carey | November 13, 2013

IM Soccer Peanut Gallery Update Week 2

Game Notes  11/3/2013 Game 1 Time: 2pm Conditions: Happy with a feel of Malicious. Match-Up: Happy Feet v. Malicious Tortfeasors Score...
By Bryana Carey | November 6, 2013
IM Football Finalists

IM Football Peanut Gallery Update - Championship

Game Notes Week: CHAMPIONSHIPS Game 1: 11AM; Conditions: Sunny with a cool breeze of maliciousness TJSL Stallions v. Malicious...
By Bryana Carey | October 14, 2013

IM Football Peanut Gallery Update - Week 3

Game 1: 11AM; Conditions: 82 °F. 100% chance of some good ol’ fashion football. Torts Illustrated v. #StinkyPinkies Final Score: 12-38...
By Bryana Carey | October 2, 2013