Elizabeth Hilliard


Elizabeth is in her third year at TJSL, and will graduate in May 2012.  After earning her B.A. in International Economics at California State University at Sonoma, she pursued a career in international business, and then regulatory affairs in the sports supplement and food industries for nearly 20 years before deciding to pursue her law degree.  She is an Intellectual Property Fellow, and was President of the Intellectual Property Law Association 2010-2011.  Upon graduation she plans to pursue that area of law practice, taking advantage of her experience in corporate management in combination with her newly acquired legal education.

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How Studying Too Long Can Kill You

At the end of a long day of studying Evidence in July 2010, I got up from my favorite study chair to go to bed.   I had been comfortable...
By Elizabeth Hilliard | February 19, 2012

When the Lights go Down in the City...

I’m sure that when Journey wrote this song, they weren’t referring to a massive power outage in southern California.  But, the “sun [was...
By Elizabeth Hilliard | September 28, 2011