Jared Drucker

2L, Staff Writer

Before Jared J. Drucker started using his middle initial, he was just your average “Joe.”  While earning his B.A. in Communication Studies from Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, Jared also served in the United States Marine Corps, ultimately attaining the rank of Sergeant.

As a board member of the Thomas Jefferson Student Veterans Organization, a competition veteran of the Alternate Dispute Resolution Society, and now the Director of Gastronomy for the Jeffersonian, Jared spends his free time reading case law books and highlighting hornbooks.  Aside from continuing to enjoy sipping scotch and the occasional cigar, Jared no longer has time to enjoy his more favorite past times like underground Segway street racing and competitive napping.  Jared also hopes to carve out some time this year for other activities he enjoys like running, surfing, soccer, and golf.  Jared admits using his middle initial “will take some getting used to,” but adds that it is necessary to coordinate with his monogrammed socks and underwear.

Jared Drucker


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