Kenny Robbins

Athletic Events Director


IM Football Final Recap

TJSL Stallions 46; Snoops Lions 40 The championship game of intramural flag football came down to a match-up of two undefeated teams, but...
By Kenny Robbins | October 16, 2012

IM Football Week 2

Game 1: Balls out Screamers 27; Do Work 26 Most would call this an upset, but Balls Out Screamers showed they wanted it more. Their QB,...
By Kenny Robbins | September 17, 2012


Game 1: Learned Hands: 20; 50 Shades of Gray: 18 Learned Hands got a couple of big stops when it mattered most. The players on 50 Shades...
By Kenny Robbins | September 10, 2012