Vako Artinian

Alumni Writer

Vako is definitely breathtaking.  A UCSD graduate with a degree in philosophy, he can tell you what the meaning of life is… if only you asked.  After he graduated college, he worked as a paralegal.  He did this in Los Angeles (the city of his birth) and Austin (the city of his soul).  Vako is wonderful.  He can do at least 10 pushups.  He took a jab at standup comedy, and did it for about a year.  It was hard.  So he decided to go to to law school.  That too was hard.  Vako doesn’t easily learn from his mistakes or effectively anticipate patterns.  He has been a Staff Writer for the Jeffersonian for two years.  He has been given the opportunity to now also edit.  He is grateful.  He is also on the Mock Trial and ADR teams.  He is president and co-founder of the TJSL chapter of the Armenian Law Students Association, and was formerly the vice-president of the Middle Eastern Law Students Association.  He loves reading and writing.  He plays Starcraft 2, he can definitely pwn you.  He is an intern at the public defender’s office. 

Picture of Vako