Mission Statement


The TJSL Alumni Association seeks to promote and foster a mutually beneficial relationship between Thomas Jefferson School of Law and all its alumni. The Association is dedicated to serving alumni by providing social, educational and professional opportunities. The Association is dedicated to supporting the law school's educational mission.


No Dues: All TJSL graduates (includes WSUSD) are members of the Alumni Association.



2014-2015 Board of Directors

Executive Committee


Jeremy Evans ‘11


Vice Presidents 
David Beavans ‘08
Sterling Williams ‘11


Sabrina Green ‘02


Philip A. Shapiro ‘85


Immediate Past President     
Eric Ganci ‘08





Directors at Large


Ben Aguilar ‘11

Gary Bloch ‘81
Brian Findley ‘07
Michael Flemming ‘08
David Gibbs ‘12
Brett Goda ‘11
Michael Jonas ‘09
Rosanna Kendrick ‘10
Pejman D. Kharrazian ‘11
Salim Khawaja ‘93
Kendall Levan ‘94
Carlos Martinez ‘09
Kristen Roberts ‘10
Lorena Slomanson ‘03
Amanda Thompson ‘07
Rebeca Valenzuela ‘07
Erik Vieira ‘02

Michael Weiner ‘09

Mona Mahdara Alcala ‘08 (In California Outside SD County)     


View: Bylaws of the Alumni Association Board of Directors, Thomas Jefferson School of Law


Term of Office: Beginning in 2014, Board members will serve two-year terms, from May 1 to April 30. Elections will be staggered, with 12 seats open for election every year.


Board Meeting Dates:

Alumni Association Board meetings are scheduled to take place in the TJSL 8th floor board room, located at 1155 Island Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101. Meetings begin at 6:00 p.m.


January 27, 2015
February 24, 2015
March 31, 2015
April 28, 2015
May 26, 2015


Admissions Committee

Alumni and Community Engagement
Bylaws and Election Committee
Career Planning Committee
Development Committee
*Each Committee has specific Projects


Volunteer: If you would like to volunteer for a committee or alumni event please email alumni@tjsl.edu.



2015-2017 TJSL Alumni Association Board - Nominations

  1. Bradley Beauchamp '02 AZ
  2. David Beavans '08 CA
  3. Eric Bernsen '12 CA - Served on the Board of Directors from 2013-2014.  He works at the prestigious downtown San Diego law firm. Procopio. Cory. Hargreaves & Savitch LLP as a patent attorney.  He would like to give back to Thomas Jefferson School of law by serving on the Board of Directors.
  4. Gary Bloch '81 CA
  5. Floyd Brown '08 CA - I am now settled into the practice of  law. and feel it time to give back and support my law school.
  6. George Chammas '05 CA - Senior Vice President of Axa Financial Services in San Francisco. Enough said.
  7. Sante Chary '10 TX - Unique immigrant met 7 US Presidents in the past. Recipient of one person can make a difference from AOTA DC for successfully bringing an idea into reality. Health care enterprenuer focuses on improving the health care to rural America Active in HARVARD business school alum assn. Member of the NYC HARVARD club Advisor to www.aapiusa.org 65k doctors association nationwide.
  8. Courtney Darnell '10 CA - As a champion and active member of the TJSL community and a resident of San Diego I would be honored and delighted to be a part of the Alumni Board. I would appreciate joining a group of fellow alum to collaborate and collectively to strive to make our community better. -Courtney is amazing. She would be a great asset to the alumni board.
  9. Jeff Dingwall '09 CA - Solo practice with national reach
  10. Jeremy Evans '11 CA - Jeremy Evans is the Managing Attorney at California Sports Lawyer. representing sports and entertainment professionals.  Evans is the current President of the Alumni Association Board of Directors and has served on the Board since 2012.  He looks forward to continuing his service in support of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.
  11. David Gibbs '12 CA - It has been an absolute pleasure serving as a member of the Alumni Association for the past two years.  I hope to continue serving this great school and organization for the coming two years.  I want to give back to an institution that has provided so much to me.  With your vote. I will continue to help the Alumni Association support Thomas Jefferson School of Law. its students. and alumni.
  12. Michael Green '12 UT - Michael Green '12 is an assistant attorney general with the State of Utah.  He is a former Utah State Aggies offensive tackle and respected leader.  He is looking to give back to Thomas Jefferson School of Law by serving on Board of Directors.
  13. Sabrina Green '02 CA - I have been lucky enough to be a part of the board since 2006 and am thrilled to see the amazing progression the board has made.  I am especially eager to continue with the board to assist and facilitate all the changes necessary due to that status of the school.  I encourage any graduate to get involved. even if not on the board . so our alumni community can benefit  from our graduates' skills and resourcefulness we are known for in the community.
  14. Camille Guerra '04 CA - Camille Guerra ’04 is a well-respected attorney in San Diego and around the world.  She has served previously on the Alumni Board of Directors.  She wants to give back to her law school and often says she “loves” Thomas Jefferson.
  15. Aaron Hicks '04 CA - Aaron Hicks ’04 is licensed to practice law in California and Tennessee and practices civil litigation in Orange County with fellows alums in the Rizio & Nelson law firm.  He served on the Board of Directors previously.  He loves his wife and daughter and is looking forward to giving back.
  16. Michael Huynh '11 CA - Balance. Serving on the TJSL alumni board will be a great opportunity for me to bring balance to a passionate group full of leaders. intellects. and wisdoms. I am committed to bring my confidence. influential and out-of-the-box thinking to bring balance to an already strong and highly motivated alumni board.
  17. Adam Jaffe '06 CA - Adam would like to be more involved with Thomas Jefferson School of Law and its alumni association. He is interested in enhancing the continuing education of lawyers and law students by assisting with CLE planning. He would also like to work to improve the reputation and notoriety of the school. such as by working on the admissions committee of the Alumni Board.
  18. Patrick Long '11 CA - He is devoted to advocating the best interest of alumni
  19. L. Tracee Lorens '90 CA - I believe. as a successful graduate. I could help you develop your active alumni base. and thereby fundraising.I have a lot of good ideas I would bring to your Board. and am recently retired from the practice of law. so I have time to devote to significantly increasing your alumni participation. at all levels. I am also a past president of CASD and served on their Board of Directors for 10 years. Thus. I know the degree of commitment necessary to do a "top flight" job for an organization such as yours.
  20. Marshall Lurtz '13 CA - Marshall is bright and hard working.
  21. Raj Matani '11 CA - As a former leader of the TJSL Student Bar Association. I am familiar with the needs of students and alumni.  Recent graduates benefit the most from a strong alumni network that can provide both guidance and support at every stage of one's career.  Whether actively practicing or using a law degree in innovative ways. I hope to be of service to all. - Mr. Matani is a 2011 graduate of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.  He is licensed to practice law in California and practices Family Law with the Miranda Law Group.
  22. Jennifer McCollough '13 TX - I look forward to bringing perspective from two years in the judiciary as a law clerk to support the alumni association's mission.  As a part-time student on active-duty. I served on several student organization boards and since graduation have continued my involvement at TJSL by speaking at several conferences. Thank you for your support!
  23. James Moon '07 FL - As a graduate practicing law outside of California I believe it important to further the school's name and reputation.  I am proud and honored to have graduated from TJSL. as they gave me an opportunity that I otherwise would not have had. The school has made tremendous advances over the past few years. especially in the graduate legal programs. and I would be honored to serve on the Board to assist in that continued advancement of the school for the years to come. The school needs dedicated alumni to help guide it. those who are in a position to advance the name and reputation of the school. and those willing to put the time in for the current and future students to ensure continued success. As an attorney with am Amjur 125 firm. I am practicing proof that TJSL graduates belong in bigger firms and would like to serve on the Alumni Board to ensure we continue improving the reputation for others to have the same good fortune that I have.
  24. Matthew Odgers '12 CA - I would like to nominate Matthew Odgers for the 2015-2917 TJSL Alumni Association Board. Matthew has a business law practice in San Diego and very close ties to the community. He would do a great job on your board.
  25. Sarah Robinson-McElroy '10 CA - As a member of TJSL’s Class of 2010. I am excited about the opportunity to give back to the TJSL community by being elected to the Alumni Association’s Board of Directors. I am currently an in-house attorney with Encore Capital. I enjoy volunteering as a Mentor with the Crawford High School’s Academy of Law as well as San Diego State University’s Alumni Connection program. As part of the Alumni Board. I look forward to encouraging our Alumni to positively represent TJSL in their communities and to stay connected to TJSL by attending events and connecting with students. I would greatly appreciate your support in this election and thank you for your consideration.
  26. Eric Rollason '08 CA - Is a well-respected attorney in San Diego.  Eric is a solo practitioner with Rollason Legal. Eric looks forward to giving back to his beloved law school.
  27. Helen Rowe Allen. J.D. '80 CA - My intention is to be of service to all of our alums. near & far. It has been my privilege to serve as a past president & Alum of the Yeat & on the adjunct faculty.
  28. Philip Shapiro '85 CA - I have been on the TJSLAA Board for several years. It is important that 1970-80 graduates are represented. I will try my best to get attorneys from Western States days as well as "Old Town" represented. Secretary for five years. I had been President for four years.
  29. Gerald Smith '93 CA - It has been quite a few years since I was involved in the Alumni Association Board.  I have worked close with many that are still active and now have the additional time to participate.
  30. Kristen spees '11 NV - graduated from TJSL in 2011. now practicing law in Hawaii. Nevada and California. Last year she ran for Us Congress in Nevada to motivate more people to get involved and be informed.
  31. John Stump '89 CA - I am a proud graduate of Thomas Jefferson SOL I have a community based San Diego practice.  I have served as a California State Bar Commissioner for the Legal Services Trust Fund.
  32. Melinda Vasquez '02 CA - I am a Real Estate Mortgage Underwriter. Auditor and Manager. Although I haven't practiced law. I have an extensive understanding of how the legal principles I learned in law school supports other industries. I am currently the President of the RP Town Council and the PQ Democratic Club. I have become a strong member of the community through understanding of Robert's Rules of Order and running community meetings. I would now like to re-connect to TJSL and apply my skills.
  33. Teresa Watts '11 CA
  34. Sterling Williams '11 CA - Sterling has been a dedicated member of the TJSL Alumni Board since his graduation in 2011.  Sterling served his most recent term on the Board as Vice President. as well as the Chair of the Bylaws and Election Committee.  Sterling looks forward to increasing alumni involvement and excitement throughout Southern California; with an emphasis on Los Angeles County.