Padres Parkade

433 10th Avenue (10th Avenue & J Street)
San Diego, CA 92101
(619) 230-0003


Note: You may park in the San Diego Padres Parkade at a rate of $1.00/hr. or $6/day. Levels 6 – 9 are reserved, so please be sure not to park on those levels.  Parking is not available on game days.


Street/Meter Parking

You are more than welcome to park along the street and pay for metered parking. There are meters on 10th Avenue, Island Avenue, 11th Avenue and several other locations.


Other Lots in the Area

There are additional parking lots located within the vicinity of the law school. These parking lots are either managed by “Ace Parking” or “5 Star.” You must pre-pay before leaving your vehicle.