ASP Mentors

The Academic Success Program (“ASP”) seeks second and third year students to serve as ASP Mentors to first year students and students who have under-performed in their first semester of a year-long course. ASP Mentors meet with small groups of students to provide skills-based review and to provide guidance for student mastery of legal doctrine. ASP Mentors must have successfully completed all first year courses for which they are providing support and must be in good academic standing.

ASP Mentors are expected to attend training through the Academic Success department, to meet weekly with small groups of students in Structured Study Groups, and to report regularly to ASP.

ASP Mentors must either be eligible to receive Federal Work Study or to receive Jeffersonian Scholar funds.

Complete the ASP Mentor Application form. Please return to Academic Success or email to Karen M. Harkins at

FAQs for ASP Mentors