Other ASP Services

Academic Probation and Referral Services

Students may be referred to ASP any time during law school. Referrals can come from any source, including course and seminar professors or based on exam performance. Students who underperform in their courses may be asked to participate in Structured Study Groups or other tutoring programs, or may be required to participate in workshops designed to enhance analytic writing and test-taking skills.

Additional support is available for all students in their second and third years to help ensure academic success. Academic Success faculty provides academic workshops and referral services throughout the three- or four- year law school program.

Midterm Feedback

Most first-year courses at Thomas Jefferson school have midterm exams, so students get individual assessment and personal feedback to help prepare well before finals.

Mentoring, Counseling and Academic Support Throughout Law School

Ongoing academic support is provided to all students, with individual counseling and feedback from academic success faculty to help you succeed. We meet with students individually and in small group to address concerns, to plan approaches to tackling law school course work, and to celebrate student success.