Pre-Orientation Assessment and Support


Your legal education begins before the Week One orientation program with an initial course in grammar for use in the legal context. This online program is geared toward preparing students for legal writing, and it helps students assess their strengths and areas for improvement. For students who discover that they need additional support, we offer grammar instruction and workshops throughout the academic year, which focus on specific areas of writing and grammar usage to strengthen students’ skills.


Week One (Orientation)


Starting before regular law school classes, our innovative Week One orientation program helps prepare students for the demands of law school by introducing basic law school skills. The mandatory Week One program helps bridge the gap between undergraduate studies and the demanding reading, analysis and writing required in law school.


During Week One, students participate in small group and large group sessions to learn strategies for approaching their doctrinal coursework. These sessions are led by Thomas Jefferson professors who are knowledgeable about what it takes to succeed in law school. Students learn how to read case law and write case briefs and how to prepare for law school exams. Students also participate in a doctrinal class session to become familiar with the Socratic method, and they take and grade a simulated law school exam. Because of this intensive introduction to law school, students begin the academic year with confidence in their ability to succeed and with an understanding of the basic skills necessary to do so.