Required Courses

Required Courses for Students in the California Accredited Program

Students must complete sixty-seven units of required courses in order to satisfy the Law School's graduation requirements.  While course sequences may vary depending on whether students start in the Fall or the Spring and whether they are full-time or part-time students, most Foundation Courses are taken in a student's first two semesters (full-time students) or first three semesters (part-time students).  Most Advanced Courses are taken in latter semesters.  The full sequence of courses for each group of students will be available in the Student Handbook for the California Accredited Program, available here in Spring 2020.

Currently enrolled students who matriculated in the Law School's ABA program may find all applicable required course information in the Student Handbook.   

Foundation Courses 

Civil Procedure (5 units)

Contracts (5 units)

Criminal Law (3 units)

Legal Writing I (3 units)

Legal Writing II (3 units)

Learning Skills (1 unit)

Professional Responsibility (3 units)

Property (5 units)

Torts (5 units)

Advanced Courses

Bar Exam Fundamentals (3 units)

Business Associations (3 units)

California Civil Procedure (2 units)

California Evidence (2 units)

Community Property (2 units)

Constitutional Law: Bill of Rights (3 units)

Constitutional Law: Structure, Process, and Equality (3 units) 

Criminal Procedure (3 units)

Evidence (4 units)

Multistate Bar Exam Mastery (3 units)

Remedies (3 units)

Wills and Trusts (3 units)