Cost of Attendance

Thomas Jefferson is committed to helping you attain a legal education. We are proud that our institution is able to offer more affordable tuition than most other law schools in the nation.   

The Cost of Attendance represents the amount believed adequate to cover the tuition, fees, books and living expenses of most students for the academic year. This figure also represents the maximum total financial aid a law student can expect to receive per year.  Because TJSL is a private institution, TJSL students pay the same tuition rate regardless of their state residency. In addition, rates for tuition and fees are set annually and are subject to change. 

Your actual expenses may differ from those listed here. In some cases, you may have lower expenses in one category to compensate for higher expenses in another area. We are limited in our ability to approve budget increases. You can request a budget increase for certain expenses such as child care costs, disability related expenses, etc. It will not be possible to obtain a budget increase to cover such expenses as credit card and other consumer payments. 

2020/2021 Estimated Cost of Attendance for California Accredited Program

**Notes to Student Budget

1.  Rent allowance for students living downtown is $1530/month. Students living outside downtown have a monthly rent allowance of $1240.  Food is calculated at $400/month and utilities at $125/month. Students living at home with parents have a total living allowance equal to $600/month.

2.  The law school uses the IRS mileage allowance to determine the transportation budget. The IRS data is based on the fixed and variable costs of operating an automobile. The current rate is $0.58/mile. Students living downtown have a transportation allowance of 15 miles/day and students living outside of downtown and/or with parents have an allowance of 30 miles/day. Downtown parking is estimated at $200/month.

3.  The budget listed above does not include an allowance for the law school’s health insurance. If you accept the school’s health insurance, the $4,011 annual cost will be added to your student budget. If you will be paying for a different health insurance plan and provide appropriate documentation to the Financial Aid Office, an adjustment may be made to add the costs incurred during the period of enrollment. You may submit your request via email to Please note that loan eligibility cannot be increased if you are being covered by your parent’s plan.

4.  The cost of attendance does not include an allowance for loan origination fees. For students applying for federal loans, the federal loan origination fees of $2000 for full-time and $1500 for part-time students will be included in the student budget.

5.  Students will be allowed one laptop allowance to purchase a personal computer for law school. Proof of payment will be required to be submitted to the Financial Aid Office before a budget increase will be granted. The Financial Aid Office maintains a $1,200 cap on laptop purchases to be added to a student’s budget.

6.  The Additional Fees cover registration, record keeping, certification, health and safety of student body, educational and career support, materials & technology, library services, and facilities.

In certain circumstances, students may be able to increase the standard budget. Click here for more information. To request a budget increase, please use this form.

Students currently enrolled who matriculated in the Law School's ABA program may find all applicable Cost of Attendance information on the Docket.