Transfer Students

Thomas Jefferson School of Law is accredited by the State of California’s Committee of Bar Examiners (CBE).  The Law School welcomes transfer applications from students at law schools accredited by the CBE,the American Bar Association (ABA), and from accredited foreign law schools. Students offered admission to Thomas Jefferson will be enrolled in the CBE program. The Law School does not accept transfer applications from students at unaccredited law schools.  All transfer applicants must have a bachelor’s degree and current LSAT score.  Passing the First-Year Law Students’ Examinationis not required to apply as a transfer student.   

Students seeking to transfer from law schools accredited by the CBE or ABA must submit:

  • To LSAC:
    • A “Transfer Application,” which includes the following:
      • Personal Statement
      • Resume  
    • CAS Report, which includes the following:
      • Law School transcripts
      • College transcripts, showing bachelor’s degree granted
      • LSAT score
      • Writing sample
      • One current letter of recommendation  
  • To Thomas Jefferson School of Law:
    • A letter of good standing from your current law school
    • Course syllabi for each course you are seeking to transfer units 

In accordance with the California Business and Professions Code and the regulations of the State Bar of California, transfer credit is awarded at the discretion of the Law School. However, the Law School generally accepts credit for courses completed within 36-calendar months of the anticipated date of enrollment and only for courses in which the applicant received a grade at the “good standing” level or higher from the originating law school.  The number of units of credit allowed for any course completed at a prior law school cannot exceed the number of units the Law School awards for the same or similar course and corresponding classroom hours. The Law School may not award credit for prior externships or clinics.  Transfer credit is limited to a maximum of 40 units, which is half the credit required for graduation. The determination regarding unit transfer is made by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs after reviewing the syllabi for the courses for which the applicant is seeking transfer units. 

The Law School does not have a transfer or articulation agreement with any other college or university.