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Continuing Students Welcome A New Academic Term

Published: September 16, 2015
Continuing Students Welcome A New Academic Term

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015, Dean Thomas Guernsey hosted a Welcome Back for Continuing Students. Second and third year students were invited to partake of pizza, Thomas Jefferson t-shirts, and the company of faculty and staff.

Held in the fifth floor Student Lounge, Dean Guernsey and Student Affairs organized the event as a way to show their appreciation to continuing students. “We spend a week welcoming first year students, and I thought we really don’t do anything for second and third year students to welcome them back. For them to come back to continue their legal education is as important as coming originally,” Dean Guernsey said. “And it is also a way to reach out and have an opportunity to talk to students and say thanks. The idea of just being able to say “thank you” for the support, the support they give to the school and the support they give each other.”

Professors Slomanson, Wright, Berenson and Templin, Keller were a few of the faculty in attendance. “This is an awesome welcome event! Definitely appreciate the faculty’s warm welcome.” said Kim A. Cruz (2L).

The event, the first of its kind, also gave students an opportunity to catch up with peers and reflect on their time at Thomas Jefferson. “I’m excited to graduate. Over the past two years I’ve learned a lot about the school, the people, and the law. I think the school and its facilities have improved. The people have always been extremely nice and helpful. I’ve enjoyed my time at TJSL and hope that others will have a similar experience,” said Karen Dong (3L).

Molly Nichols (3L) and Erin Panichkul (3L), like many other students, welcomed this new tradition. “It’s great to have a welcome back event, it is my last semester, and I appreciate Dean Guernsey for making an effort.” Nichols said. Panichkul added, “Free pizza is always great, it’s really nice to have a welcome back, it’s my last semester and its great way to start.”