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Susan Tiefenbrun

Susan Tiefenbrun

Professor Emeritus

J.D., New York University School of Law;

Ph.D., Columbia University, magna cum laude;

M.S., University of Wisconsin, magna cum laude;

B.S., University of Wisconsin, magna cum laude

Professor Tiefenbrun has a J.D. degree from New York University School of Law, a Ph.D in French from Columbia University summa cum laude, a Master of Science from Wisconsin University, and a Bachelor of Arts from Wisconsin University (Phi Beta Kappa as a junior) where she majored in French, Russian, and Education. Professor Tiefenbrun taught French language and literature for many years in Columbia University and Sarah Lawrence College. She now teaches international law in Thomas Jefferson School of Law where she is the Director of the Center for Global Legal Studies and the former Director of the LL.M. Programs in International Trade and in American Legal Studies. She practiced law and worked on international business transactions at Coudert Brothers in New York for many years. At Thomas Jefferson School of Law, she continues to direct and teach in the study abroad program in France (which she founded twenty years ago) and in China (which she founded seven years ago). For her efforts at fostering educational and cultural cooperation between France and the United States, she was awarded the French Legion of Honor medal by President Jacques Chirac in 2003. Her special interests are international law, corporate law, securities law, international intellectual property, women and international human rights law, and law and literature. She is the President of the Law and Humanities Institute West Coast Branch. She has written extensively on human trafficking as a form of contemporary slavery. She speaks ten foreign languages including Mandarin, Chinese. Among her numerous written works are a book-length study of Chinese, Russian and Eastern European joint venture laws and numerous articles on international intellectual property, international law issues, and human trafficking. She has ed three books on law and the arts, war crimes, and legal ethics. Her most recent books are Decoding International Law: Semiotics and the Humanities (Oxford University Press, 2010), Women’s International and Comparative Human Rights (Carolina Academic Press, 2012) and Tax-Free-Trade Zones of the World and in the United States (Edward Elgar Press, 2012).

To access Professor Tiefenbrun’s publications,

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Download Professor Tiefenbrun's Curriculum Vitae (in PDF format).

Courses include:

Business Planning, European Union Law, International Business Transactions, International Human Rights, International Law and the Humanities, Securities Law, Women and International Human Rights Law


Women's international and Comparative Human Rights (Carolina Academic Press, 2012)

Women and Human Rights Law (Carolina Academic Press, 2012)

Tax-Free Trade Zones of the World and in the United States (Edgar Elgar Press, 2011)

Decoding International Law: Semiotics and the Humanities (Oxford University Press 2010)


War Crimes and War Crimes Tribunals: Past, Present, and Future, 3 Law & Policy Symposium, 1999) (with Leon Friedman)

Legal Ethics: Access to Justice (2 Journal of the Institute for the Study of Legal Ethics) (with Roy Simon, 1999)

Law and the Arts (Greenwood Press, 1999)

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Other Scholarship:

Child Soldiers, Slavery, and Human Trafficking, New Voices in Human Rights Program, American Association of Law Schools, New York, NY, Jan. 6, 2008

Trafficking, Slavery, and the Jews, Chavurah Group in Del Mar, Del Mar, CA, Nov. 18, 2006

Is Slavery Really Dead? Global Human Trafficking, TJSL Women's Law Association, Nov. 16, 2006

Human Trafficking, a Contemporary Form of Slavery, Twelve-Thirty Club, La Jolla Country Club, Nov. 8, 2006

Chaired panel, International Law & Literature, American Branch of International Law, New York. elected member of the executive committee of ABILA, Oct. 26-28, 2006

The Trafficking of Women, The Women's Commission at UCSD, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA, Apr. 2006

Sex Slavery Here and Abroad, UCSD International Affairs Group, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA, Apr. 2006

Film as Remedy for Human Rights Violations, University of Houston Law School, Houston, TX, Apr. 2005

Sex Trafficking in the US and Abroad, Loyola Law School, Chicago, IL, Feb. 2005

The Thomas Jefferson School of Law faculty is highly prolific in the field of legal scholarship and our professors are in demand as speakers and panelists at legal events in the U.S. and abroad.