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Teodosio “Angel” Sanchez

Teodosio “Angel” Sanchez

Adjunct Professor

J.D., Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Cum Laude
B.S., UC San Diego

Professor Sanchez is a supervising attorney at Thomas Jefferson School of Law's Patent and Trademark Clinic. Through his work at the clinic, Professor Sanchez has guided our students, advised many clients, and helped solo inventors and start-up companies achieve their goals regarding intellectual property protection.

As a student at UCSD, Professor Sanchez led the UCSD team at an international Seismic Design Competition. At UCSD, Professor Sanchez was exposed to the patent field through his interactions with research professors. This spiked his interest in pursuing a legal career focusing on Patent and Trademark Law. Since then, Professor Sanchez has gained experience in Patent Law, Trademark Law, Copyright Law, in-house counseling, employment law, and criminal law.

Before pursuing his legal career, Professor Sanchez was a science teacher in San Diego. Professor Sanchez is an advocate of minorities and women in science and engineering. As a teacher, he designed an all-girls program that incorporates engineering, 3D printing, and robotics. He also enrolled students from diverse backgrounds in science competitions to prepare them for college and learn to work in teams.

Currently, Professor Sanchez is a supervising attorney at our Patent and Trademark Clinic and a patent/trademark litigator and advisor at a local Intellectual Property law firm. Professor Sanchez has worked with trademarks and patents in multiple industries, including pharmaceutical, mechanical engineering, software, material science, medical devices, wireless technologies, and more.

Professor Sanchez enjoys traveling, going on bike trails with his wife and daughter, trying international gastronomy, and participating in Virtual Reality eSports.

Professor Sanchez designs and 3D prints gadgets in his free time. He also flies drones as a hobby.