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2013 Class Gift Is On Display

May 30, 2013

2013 Class Gift
2013 Class Gift
2013 Class Gift

A vibrant art piece has been added to the walls of the 5th floor. TJSL’s Class of 2013’s Class Gift is now the third art piece displayed in the hallway next to the student lounge.

“Rising City” was painted by recent TJSL graduate and artist Gregory Walt ’13 and depicts a beautiful night time skyline of San Diego in rich bold colors. Thomas Jefferson’s image is imprinted above the skyline to the right upper hand corner and if you look closely, you will find Thomas Jefferson’s signature inscribed throughout the painting!

“I’m so excited that my work will hang on campus and allow stressed out students to stare at it and BREATHE,” said Walt. “My inspiration for the piece was the city itself. San Diego is my home town and I am influenced by the vibrant and energetic city life. My style of painting puts an emphasis on movement and depth to create very surreal and dream like images. A new take on traditional landscapes.”

Plaques to the right of the painting will soon be installed to show a dedicational quote and the names of those who donated towards it.

The 2013 Class Gift was presented to TJSL by the Student Bar Association and graduating students of Thomas Jefferson School of Law.