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2013 Law Review Banquet

April 16, 2013

2013 Law Review Banquet
2013 Law Review Banquet

On Saturday, April 13 (The 270th Birthday of Thomas Jefferson), Thomas Jefferson Law Review hosted their annual banquet at the W Hotel in downtown San Diego. Outgoing and incoming members had a great time sharing conversations over drinks and appetizers. 

Keynote speaker, Dean Erwin Chemerinsky of UC Irvine Law School, highlighted the evening with an encouraging speech. In the face of negative news about “failing” law schools, Dean Chemerinsky foresaw a bright future for Thomas Jefferson School of Law graduates. 

“This is a great time to be a lawyer,” said Dean Chemerinsky, as he spoke of the many prospects for new graduates. 

“Dean Chemerinsky gave a very positive speech about why things are tough in the legal hiring market these days, but how these things are cyclical and that commentators fail to mention that all other graduate schools are undergoing tough times as well,” said TJSL Professor Bill Slomanson.

Outgoing Law Review Editor-in-Chief Walter Araujo talked about four TJSL faculty and staff members who were honored at the banquet: Dean Rudy Hasl, Professor William Slomanson, librarian Hadas Livnat and IP Website Developer Patricia Ramert, who was made an honorary member of Law Review.

“During his tenure here at TJSL, Dean Hasl has been a big supporter of the Law Review.  Being that this is his last year with TJSL, the Law Review wanted to show its gratitude by presenting Dean Hasl with a plaque memorializing his final year with the Law Review and thanking him for his years of unmatched support.  I’m very proud to be Dean Hasl’s last Editor-in-Chief.  The incoming Dean will have some big shoes to fill (no pressure!).

I met Professor Slomanson for the first time this year, but he has been a great friend of Law Review for years. Whether it’s helping our Note writers find an interesting and current legal topic to write about, soliciting international law pieces from his many friends overseas, or submitting an article of his own, Professor Slomanson contributes to the Journal in a huge way.  As the Editor-in-Chief, I’ve been very privileged to work closely with Professor Slomanson, which has truly been one of my great experiences here at TJSL.  As a token of our gratitude, we (the Law Review) honored Professor Slomanson at our annual banquet.   

For a Law Review, a good librarian is worth his or her weight in gold.  Over the years, Hadas Livnat has acted as the Law Review’s librarian, and she’s been more than good. She’s the best.  I don’t know if the school realizes how lucky it is to have someone as knowledgeable and kind-hearted as Hadas.  All I know is we (the Law Review) do, which is why we honored Hadas at our banquet.

Patricia Ramert played a huge role in the Law Review’s success this year.  She developed our amazing new website and continues to work closely with us to maintain and update the site.  Greyson, Travis, and I worked with her so much throughout the whole process, we really felt like she was part of the Law Review team, which is why we recognized her as an honorary member at our banquet.  Patty is truly a tremendous part of the Journal, and I’m sure next year’s board will have a great time working with her as well.

“The event was wonderful as well as the venue. It was nice to see all the students celebrate their accomplishments and pass on the torch to the next executive board,” said Ramert. . “I enjoyed working with them and putting their ideas into a working product. They are sharp, quick and, overall, a great group and I look forward to working with them on the next phase of their website.”

All Thomas Jefferson Law Review members work hard to make the Journal the great scholarly work that it is. The banquet was a well-deserved break for all.

Pictured in First Photo: L to R: 2012-2013 Law Review Managing Editor Greyson Goody (3L), UC Irvine Law School Dean Erwin Chemerinsky, Law Review Executive Editor Travis Davis (3L), 2012-2013 Law Review Editor-in-Chief Walter Araujo (3L)