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3L Manifesto

April 2, 2011

I applied to be the 1L Manifesto writer in 2008. I felt like the column would be reminiscent of Carrie Bradshaw’s column in Sex and the City, except without the sex.  However, if I wanted I could write about any topic, so usually I did.  From test freak outs to attempting to try out for the Charger Girls cheerleading squad, I loved that column.

I wrote the first 2L Manifesto column last year, although due to the increase in my comfort level, my articles were often deemed to “racy” or “inappropriate” and remain on my computer hard drive. (BTW – ask me about my Sundance and Pizza Nazi articles, they are amazing!)

Naturally, when running for SBA VP as a 3L, I knew that I could finally have some control over the paper. I had planned all along to write a “3L Manifesto” but, because of limited time, I have only been able to focus on putting it together… until now.

I cannot believe that I am graduating law school. I’m only 24 and I will have a “J.D.” after my name. So now, while I worry about my $300,000 debt just as much as teenage boys dream about female anatomy, knowing that I’m about to graduate law school is the (small) silver lining. Sure, I won’t be able to afford a Lamborghini as fast as I would like, but that is not going to stop me from getting one eventually. (Purple, Convertible).

On top of the crushing debt, the biggest hurdle is the bar exam. Piece of cake – literally. I am likely to get really fat from eating desserts, I may be unrecognizable come August when I turn 25. This is okay! I’m the first person in my family to go to college and the first out of 15 cousins on one side to attend law school (possibly any graduate institution). Further, I come from a group of “large” Italians, so I’ll fit right in with my cake tummy. Luckily, our membership at FIT sustains us through bar study and so hopefully, I will just maintain my weight. If you see me in the gym between May and July, I recommend you just don’t even say anything to me, unless you have a Babycake cupcake in your hand.

After all that, I have to wait until November to find out that I passed, (I better, I’m not giving myself any other option). Then, I’ll be an “Esq.” Now, when I watch Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, hearing “Bill S. Preston, Esq.” say his name will mean so much more to me (and be even funnier).

So for my last manifesto ever — Sayonara!