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3L Summer Internship with Federal Court in Northern District of Illinois

June 14, 2013

Brandon Mika 3L Summer Internship with Federal Court in Northern District of Ill

Randolph C. Reliford, Esq., Associate Director of Career Services

Brandon Mika, third-year law student, has a great summer opportunity working for the Honorable Joan Lefkow, District Court judge for the Northern District of Illinois. Mika said that he is most excited about “the opportunity to further hone my research and writing skills in a judicial setting, while working on notable cases.” He will have the opportunity to draft judicial memoranda and opinions, observe hearings and trials and learn the judicial decision-making process and learn how federal court works. By observing hearings and trials, Mika will gain an understanding for how arguments are crafted and what his judge thinks of different argument styles. Working with a judge and with the judge’s chambers will help with applications to law firms and post-graduation clerkships.

Mika found the opportunity utilizing the Career Services Office at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. “Director of Career Services Beverly Bracker was helpful in finding judicial externships outside the San Diego area, Mika said. “He was also looking for opportunities to work outside of San Diego. “Due to the fact that I am from Chicago, I did not limit myself to the San Diego area, and I kept my eyes and ears open to opportunities in different jurisdictions.” 

As the Associate Director of Career Services I believe that Mika’s advice is sound. By staying open to opportunities in other jurisdictions, you open a pool of new and exciting possibilities. Large markets like Chicago, New York, DC and Philadelphia have exciting opportunities for law students who are interested in a variety of practice areas, government, non-profits or alternative careers. Often times, state capitols are great places to look for government work and clerkships. 

Please join us in congratulating Brandon Mika on his internship with the Honorable Joan Lefkow.