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40 Days

November 17, 2012

It all started near the end of September when I spotted a jolly, little snowman peeking out the window at the Pavillions near my house.  He sat proudly next to all the Jack-o-lanterns, as if to say, “What about it!”

Then there was the all too perky Facebook post from my aunt who was thrilled by the prospect of crafting to Christmas Carols and White Christmas, just a few days after Halloween. 

Next, it was the “Forty-five Days ‘Til Christmas!” photo shouting at me from an Instagram post.

All I can think is, you’ve got to be kidding.

Then came a beaming sign of hope.  I knew I liked Nordstrom, but now I had the added incentive to shop there prior to Thanksgiving.  They promised my “Grinchy side,” they wouldn’t be bombarding my senses with red, white, green, and cheer until November 25.

According to, retailers like Costco have had merchandise in stores since September 1. And last year, there was a Christmas party in Times Square in the middle of August.  Really? 

Don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas.  The day after Thanksgiving I will take my daughter to buy a real tree. We will then spend the entire day decorating for the holidays.  The music will play in my house and car until a week or so after the new year.  I even plan on taking my family to the Del Mar Fairgrounds for the Holiday of Lights. 

But why does it have to come so soon?  And better yet, why am I so aggravated by the signs? 

This year, for me, it seems to stem from the lack of mindfulness I have about anything that is unrelated to law school.  These past 13 weeks have come and gone, and in their wake, have left me tired. No, check that, exhausted, depleted, and generally despondent. 

Another 1L and I were talking this afternoon, and she told me she has never felt this tired.  I think it is from all the information our brains are trying to process combined with the obvious reason—lack of sleep. 

So, we are close to the end of this first semester of law school.  Whether a 1L or a 3L, I think it is time to buck up, after all, Thanksgiving is next week.  After that, bring on the lights, the music, and the holiday cheer.  I think we all deserve a little Christmas—or whatever holiday you will celebrate after finals—this year.