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A Major Milestone for Professor Thomas Golden

December 1, 2011

Professor Golden
Service Awards

It was a major milestone for Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

And it was a major milestone for Professor Thomas Golden.

Professor Golden was honored for 35 years of service at TJSL during the law school’s service awards ceremony on November 23.

No one has served longer than Professor Golden, who received a standing ovation as Dean Hasl honored him with a beautiful set of crystal bookends for his years of service.

“It is a little shocking to think that Gerald Ford was the president of the United States when I started teaching at TJSL,” Professor Golden said. “A few months later Jimmy Carter was elected.”

When asked what it feels like to have served as a Professor at TJSL for 35 years Professor Golden responded, “It feels great! The students keep me young.”

Professor Golden also has the honor of being named as the commencement speaker at Thomas Jefferson’s graduation on December 17 at Copley Symphony Hall.

Professors and staff members recognized for 20 years of service include: Professors Marjorie Cohn, Julie Greenberg, Maureen Markey, Marybeth Herald, Kenneth Vandevelde and Paul Spiegelman (Adjunct Professor) and Mary Retoriano (Assistant Director of Admissions). Those recognized for 15 years of service include Professors Susan Bisom-Rapp and Bryan Wildenthal, along with Reva Edge (Receptionist) and Paul Pahlka (Facilities). Beverly Bracker (Director of Career Services,) Associate Dean Eric Mitnick and Professor Sandra Rierson were also recognized for 10 years of service.

While addressing all staff and faculty members, Dean Hasl said: “We have deep appreciation for what you have given to this law school.”

Professor Golden added, I’m surrounded by wonderful fellow faculty members, administration, staff, and students.” “Early in my career I wavered between teaching and the practice of law. Although I enjoyed litigation, I loved teaching, so I stayed with what I loved, Golden said. “Not only is San Diego pretty difficult to leave — I moved here “temporarily” 36 years ago — but so is TJSL. In both cases it’s the climate. 

Following the service awards ceremony, Dean Hasl further showed his appreciation by donning his new “Chef Rudy” uniform and personally slicing the turkey at the staff Thanksgiving feast served on the 8th floor.