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Adjunct Professor and Patent Clinic Supervisor Paul Liu’s Article in Bio-IT World

May 22, 2018

Adjunct Professor and Patent Clinic Supervisor Paul Liu, has published an article titled Open Source Pitfalls at the Biotechnology-High Technology Crossover.

Software is eating the biotechnology world. However, managers in the traditional biotechnology sector may not be familiar with open source and related compliance issues that are bound to come up as they develop high technology solutions to the problems of biotechnology. For example, many programmers will utilize open source software to build their software products. Open source software is typically cost-free software code that comes with strings attached. Programmers like to incorporate open source software into their code because there is no point in reinventing the wheel for simple or common software functionalities. However, use of open source software has specific compliance requirements in order to not be in violation of open source licenses. As software projects become larger and more valuable, proper records and documentation become more important to keep and more difficult to comply with.

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