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ADR Society Competes at Regional Representation in Mediation Competition

March 4, 2015

On the weekend of February 28, TJSL sent two very well-prepared teams to compete in the Regional Representation in Mediation Competition held at the University of LaVerne College of Law. The ADR Society is a unique competition team that challenges competitors to advocate zealously for clients in the context of a collaborative process. The Representation in Mediation Competition evaluates students’ abilities to engage in value creating, interest-based negotiation in a mediation presided over by a neutral third party. Students are judged on their team-work, ability to advance their client’s interests, ability to identify and facilitate opposing team interests, the construction and execution of a mediation plan as well as the capacity to insightfully self-evaluate performance. Taking on the roles of client and attorney in this particular tournament requires acting chops, verbal acuity, creativity, problem-solving aptitude and top-notch communication skills.

Team one, made up of first year student, Philip Mauriello, and second year student, Nick Spigner, performed admirably, finishing in 6th place out of 12 teams. Spigner commented, “I feel that the competition was a great experience. We learned that no matter how well you are prepared going into a negotiation, you must be ready to adjust your strategy on the fly in order to be successful.”  While Spigner hoped that his team would have placed higher in the rankings, ADR Society President Chelsea Grover could not have been more proud of both teams, “I am so excited for the future of the ADR Society. I am proud of everyone’s dedication and commitment in preparing for the competition, and to the ADR Society as a whole.”

Team two, made up of first-year student Kally Mullett and third year veteran Mark Marion blazed their way to a 4th place finish. Marion stated, “I am so grateful to everyone who helped both teams prepare for this competition. It truly is a team effort. While we would have liked to qualify for Nationals, the ADR Society is in a better place today than it was even a month ago. We have laid a great foundation for members who are returning next year, and I am excited to see all the success I am confident they will earn in the coming competitions.”

The ADR Society now turns their attention to the State Bar of California’s 16th Annual Student Environmental Negotiations Competition which will be held on March 13th at Golden Gate University School of Law in San Francisco. The ADR Society is sending two teams: Will Burkett and Frances Maldonado, and Dane Watson and Puneet Layal. Please congratulate the Mediation competitors and wish the ADR Society further good fortune in the coming weeks in San Francisco.