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Alumna Dr. Nathalie Rébé’s Dissertation to be Published as a Book

April 2, 2019

Dr. Nathalie Rébé, who graduated from the JSD Program at Thomas Jefferson School of Law in 2018, will have her dissertation published as a book. Her work, Counter-Terrorism Financing: Best Practices and the Law, will be published in the Nijhoff Law Special Series.  Miss Rébé’s study reviews the strengths and weaknesses of current regulations and policies in order to provide a new comprehensive Convention framework for Counter-Terrorism Financing worldwide. 

Her work, both accessible, interesting and engaging in how it approaches chronic problems of combatting the financing of terrorism (CFT), offers general understanding of the topic with a literature review and a gap-analysis, as well as a very detailed analysis of current regulations at the international level. Dr. Rébé’s book has the potential to influence in a significant way the field of anti-money laundering (AML) and CFT. There is no similar work on the market.

“The AML/CFT community is thirsty for a work like this,” said Dr. Dionysios Demetis, who examined her dissertation when Dr. Rébé was a JSD candidate. “This is because there has been too much concentration on AML per se and few works have concentrated on unravelling the international complications of the counter-terrorist financing…agenda. Nathalie’s work will fill this important gap and become a reference point in different aspects of CFT work going forward. I’m confident that it is also going to be a work that will be highly cited.”