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Alumni Association Hosts Breakfast for Bar Takers

August 5, 2014

On Saturday, July 26, the Alumni Association hosted a special breakfast on the 4th floor of the TJSL Library for alumni studying for the Bar Exam.

Ben Aguilar ‘11, Co-Chair of the Bar Support Committee, said, “The Alumni Association really cares about all its constituents, but especially those studying for the bar exam. Students preparing for the bar exam are the newest addition to the TJSL Alumni Association family and we want to make sure we can support them in any way we can. Our hope is that they remain active with the law school through service on the Alumni Board and Committees and by continuous participation in the different events that we, as a board, put together for graduates and students.”

Professors Claire Wright, Ben Templin, Richard Winchester and Mike Neal joined the bar takers and members of TJSL’s Bar Support Committee for some food and relaxation before getting back to their studying. It was an excellent opportunity to take a break from the books and ponder the “bigger picture” for a bit on the Saturday before the bar exam.

Professor Winchester commented, “I was happy to attend. These kinds of events are always fun, over and above the moral support that they provide to our grads.”