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Alumni Profile: Kellye Raymond ’14

September 29, 2017

1.  What year did you graduate?



2.  Please describe your journey from law school to where you are now.

While studying for the Texas bar exam after graduation, I emailed my resume to seemingly every company remotely related to the law in the Dallas – Fort Worth area.  I heard back from nationally renowned jury consultant Robert Hirschhorn and began working with his firm that August. After spending three years with Hirschhorn and working with the best trial lawyers in the country, I have recently started my own jury and trial consulting firm.    


3.   What is the most exciting / rewarding part of your job?

Working with trial lawyers and helping them perfect their craft. Particularly, working with Plaintiff’s lawyers and criminal defense lawyers, where you are usually fighting for the underdog and truly helping individuals find justice. 


4.  How did you become interested in your area of practice?

I had never even heard of a jury consultant during law school and I certainly did not know how to be one. Until I started working with a jury consulting firm, I had no idea the breadth and depth of trial consulting in the legal field. I was fortunate enough to fall into this niche area of the law and was able to learn and grow while on the job. 


5.  What advice would you give to students who have recently graduated and have passed the bar?

Find something you are passionate about. Even if you have to take a job just to pay the bills, don’t stop trying to find the career that will be the most rewarding for you. Also, go to every networking event you can. Don’t be afraid to email or cold call anybody and everybody because you never know what you will find.   


6.  Any fond memories that stand out for you about your time at Thomas Jefferson? Did any particular office help you in any way? Career Services? Student Services? Etc…

My best memories are all centered around the lifelong friendships that I made while at Thomas Jefferson School of Law. The office that helped me the most were the faculty.. my professors were always available inside and outside of the classroom and were willing to help me in anyway they could.  



7.  Did any of the organizations that you were involved with help shape where you are on now?

The Veteran’s Legal Assistance Clinic not only gave me practical, hands-on experience, but it taught me that I would not be happy sitting behind a desk doing transactional work. The Clinic afforded me the opportunity to work directly with clients, make court appearances, and I felt like I was actually making a difference in someone’s life.