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Alumni Video Series Episode Five Featuring Renee Galente ‘08 & Eric Ganci ‘08

May 4, 2015

After several years at a premiere plaintiffs’ Civil Litigation firm in San Diego, alumna Renee Galente ‘08 joined her husband, DUI Attorney Eric Ganci ‘08, to form Galente Ganci, APC in 2011. Managing a thriving practice has proved immensely rewarding for this husband and wife team, both professionally and personally. One of the many rewards for Galente is, “Getting to help people who’ve been hurt. Everything I do makes a difference to someone, betters their lives and makes them feel heard. That is an incredible gift for both the client and me as their lawyer,” said Galente. “Another huge rewarding part is the freedom to be your own boss,” Ganci pointed out. “Knowing I can do things how I want to do them, and that I am not bound by someone telling me I have to do something a certain way, or telling me I have to do something that I don’t feel comfortable doing.”

“In law school, all I knew is that I wanted to be a trial lawyer,” Ganci said. With this in mind, at TJSL Ganci pursued internships and formed important ties within the legal community while learning important client skills. In particular, Ganci credits the Veterans Legal Clinic with providing an “eye-opening experience” that brought him to the realization that soon after graduating people would be relying on his advice as counsel.

Similarly, Galente pursued various internships and eventually found what area of the law she was passionate about at Thorsnes Bartolotta & Mcguire. “Clerking at Thorsnes Bartolotta & Mcguire sealed the deal and I knew that it was plaintiff-side civil work that would make me happiest as a career,” Galente said. Galente’s enthusiasm earned her a job offer at Thorsnes Bartolotta & Mcguire after passing the bar.

After becoming an attorney, Ganci faced the challenges of entering a difficult job market. “To be honest, starting my own practice was a business decision to start. I needed to start work, and there were few jobs available,” Ganci said. “Also, I was playing in a lot of bars with my band, and I was already answering a lot of questions about what your rights are if you get pulled over for a DUI. I made a name for myself within that community for giving straight answers, and the clientele just started to build from there.”

For Ganci, a venture that began as a practical decision became a burgeoning practice driven by his growing expertise and interest in DUI defense. “Once I started getting into DUIs, I got really, really interested on the science and procedure,” Ganci said. “The more I learned, the more I wanted to continue to learn about alcohol, drugs, field tests, and police procedure.”

Practicing law also gave Ganci the satisfaction of helping his clients by educating them on the law. “As a former teacher, I really enjoy seeing how people take in and process information, and discovering what makes them act on that information,”Ganci said. “Each trial, each negotiation, each client meeting is about teaching. I absolutely love it.”

Although Galente worked for Thorsnes from 2008 to 2011, gaining valuable experience in plaintiff’s personal injury, the couple soon realized that with their successful legal skills they could develop a practice together. At Galente Ganci, APC, Galente takes the lead on civil litigation matters while Ganci handles criminal defense matters, specializing in DUI defense.

Since opening their practice, Galente and Ganci have been recipients of multiple accolades. Both Galente and Ganci were included in the San Diego Business Journal’s Best of the Bar. In addition to this honor, the American Chemical Society Chemistry & the Law Division granted Ganci the Lawyer Scientist Designation for his study and application of science in the courtroom.

Galente and Ganci, who are both former TJSL Alumni Board Presidents, recognize that TJSL helped them develop a love for learning the law which has helped them shape the careers and the life they enjoy today. “The school changed my life and was my first experience with an educational organization that encouraged me to succeed and that actively worked and supported me to help me reach my goals,” Galente said. “I always think about my time doing a summer project with former TJSL General Counsel Jeff Joseph,” Ganci said. “Sitting with him, discussing how to write legal arguments and motions, I just loved how he would flow around case law holdings and facts with such command and enjoyment. That really taught me to love the law, and to get excited about how all this comes into play with real-life situations.”

Knowing firsthand the obstacles many recent graduates face today, Ganci’s advice is, “Get involved in the local, statewide, and nationwide legal communities. Take classes, volunteer your time, do pro bono work. Do everything you can to push yourself forward as a person and as a student of life.” Galente seconds Ganci’s advice. “Hit the ground running. Get out there, and if you have not joined San Diego legal organizations, do that immediately. Get involved in the community,” Galente said. “Show up and sign up for committees. Get your face recognized for being someone who can be counted on to follow through.”

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