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Apply for Thomas Jefferson’s Bar Study Scholarship

May 22, 2015

The second round of the Thomas Jefferson School of Law Bar Study Scholarships has been awarded. The scholarship is designed to provide financial support for one or more graduates, who will be studying to take the California Bar for the first time. The awards are funded by contributions from faculty, staff, alumni, and student contributions, which are tax deductible. The amount awarded thus depends on the generosity of the law school’s various constituents. The scholarship is designed to enable the successful applicant(s) to devote more time to pre-bar study. The successful applicants will demonstrate financial need and academic achievement.

Graduates Chanel Di Blasi, Rachelle Sanchez, and Justin Hall were the recipients of the May 2015 awards.

Past award recipient Tony Nguyen stated: “I would be remiss not to express my sincere gratitude for your selection of my receiving the Bar Study Scholarship for the February 2015 Bar Exam. As a recent graduate enduring the studies of the bar exam, this scholarship has not only been a financial alleviation for my Barbri Bar Study Course, but it has also served as Thomas Jefferson’s continuing emotional support for my career endeavors as a future education law attorney.” Alexander Green’s reaction was as follows: “I would like to write you first to express my immense gratitude for your having elected to award me with a scholarship towards my bar study for the February 2015 California Bar Exam. I am incredibly grateful both to you for having looked favorably upon my application as well as to each and every one of the faculty, alumni, and students who donated to this cause.”

The next awards will be given after the close of the Fall 2015 semester. Application information for the Fall 2015 semester will be available after the start of classes. All members of the Thomas Jefferson community are encouraged to contribute to this fund, each semester, by clicking the Make a Gift.