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Assoc. Dean Byrnes’ Book “Tax Facts on Individuals and Small Business” Published

December 19, 2013

The 110 year old National Underwriter company published Associate Dean William Byrnes’ newest book “Tax Facts on Individuals and Small Business” December 2. This is the third book within the renown Tax Facts series authored by William Byrnes and by Adjunct Professor Robert Bloink of Thomas Jefferson’s graduate international tax program, which already includes Tax Facts on Investments and Tax Facts on Insurance & Employee Benefits.

William Byrnes said “Over the past 60 years, Tax Facts has gained a loyal subscriber following in excess of 30,000 financial planning professionals, with additional exposure to the 300,000 media readers of Summit Professional Network’s media division, such as Think Advisor and Life Health Pro.” 

“It is an honor to be your publisher,” wrote Rick Kravitz, Vice President and Executive Director, Premium Content, Summit Professional Network.  When asked “What is the selling point of this new book?” he added: “The newest addition to the Tax Facts Library, Tax Facts on Individuals & Small Business, focuses exclusively on what individuals and small businesses need to know to maximize opportunities under today’s often complex tax rules.  It is the essential tax reference for financial advisors, & planners; insurance professionals; CPAs; attorneys; and other practitioners advising small businesses and individuals.”

William Byrnes continued: “I was speaking with Professor Luz Herrera about the law school’s innovative clinic for new lawyers and then thought about the tax issues that the solo and small office professional typically encounters, such as healthcare, home office, contractor vs. employee, business deductions, business life insurance, accounting — including guidance on how standards change as the firm grows, among many other topics.”

Adjunct professor Alexis Long worked with Thomas Jefferson Juris Doctorate and LLM students on various tax issues, such as Marcus Threats and Theron West. Mr. Threats said that “I obtained a legal education to address challenges that I had experienced in the property investments markets. While the opportunity for a dual degree at Thomas Jefferson attracted me to the law school, the authorship with a renown professional publisher has really made my Thomas Jefferson education stand out.”

William Byrnes interjected: “Adjunct Professor Alexis Long begins the next Publications course via the online LLM first week of January and interested students should contact myself or simply self-enroll on Webcourses. Over 50 students participated in Fall, several of them publishing as a course outcome.”

The international tax & financial services graduate program is accepting rolling applications for the Winter term starting January 20.