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Associate Dean Bisom-Rapp’s Path-Breaking Book Released in Paperback

June 15, 2018

Associate Dean Susan Bisom-Rapp’s co-authored book, Lifetime Disadvantage, Discrimination and the Gendered Workforce (with Malcolm Sargeant) (Cambridge University Press 2016), has been released in paperback. “I’m very excited that the book will be available in this form,” she said, “because it makes the material affordable and broadens our audience.”

The book, co-authored with Malcolm Sargeant (Middlesex University, London, UK), has garnered favorable reviews since its publication in October 2016. Richard Poole (Newcastle University, UK) described the book as “a fine achievement…a thorough, compelling, and valuable book.”  Erika Kispeter (University of Warwick, UK) called the book a “successful combination of the sociological and legal aspects of women’s lifetime disadvantage in work” and “an accessible often fascinating analysis of current laws and their implementation.”  

Nicole Porter (University of Toledo, USA), in a forthcoming review notes, “To my knowledge, this is the only book that outlines, in a systematic way, how all of the disadvantages and discrimination women face over a lifetime accumulate to contribute to women’s economic insecurity in old age.” Praising its “ambitious” and “broad-minded approach,” and “voluminous body of research,” she added, “I thoroughly enjoyed this book.”

Cambridge University Press is presently offering the book at the discounted price of $27.99 (£18.39). The flyer for this pricing is available here

Professor Orly Lobel, in a post on Prawfs Blog, said, “I highly recommend the book and I loved its comparative lens.”

Professor Rick Bales congratulated Bisom-Rapp and Sargeant on Workplace Prof Blog.