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Associate Dean William Byrnes Announces New Publications

December 13, 2012

Byrnes Books

 TJSL’s Associate Dean William Byrnes has announced the publication of two new books and updated supplements to two of his earlier publications.

On December 11, Lexis released the 400 page quarterly supplement for International Withholding Tax Treaty Guide (Release 133, December 2012).  “This supplement nearly completes my re-write process of this book to re-structure the citation architecture for a modern approach to tax treaty analysis,”  said Dean Byrnes. “Over the next two years I will author an in-depth, comparative analysis of tax treaty articles, to provide practitioners and arbitrators a go-to treatise for global corporate planning.”

On December 12, Wolters Kluwer released International Trust Laws & Analysis,  the 4th supplement of 2012.  “This year, our focus was to complete the analysis of the company law for 40 countries.  With this final supplement of 2012 we returned to the trust law aspects, focusing on such jurisdictions as Australia, China, Hong Kong, Ireland, Gibraltar to name a few, as well as updates regarding the Hague Convention.  In 2013, my attention will turn to comparatively address issues with investment funds, and offering of financial products to the public,” said Dean Byrnes.

Both publications are co-authored by Associate Dean William Byrnes and Dr. Robert J Munro.

In November, National Underwriters released two tax books: Tax Facts on Investments (2013), and the 2 volume Tax Facts on Investments & Employee Benefits (2013), co-authored by Associate Dean William Byrnes and Robert Bloink.  “These market leaders mark a milestone of a major re-organization of material for ease of research and understanding.  Also, I have included a new section on captive insurance, on reverse mortgages, as well as expanding the section on ETFs and on precious metals & collectibles,”  Dean Byrnes said.

Both publications are now available as e-books, as an alternative or in combination with print.