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Back to School Bash Rocks Out!

September 26, 2011

The term “back to school” typically comes with a host of different emotions: anxiety about sleepless nights filled with endless reading; stress about mounting debt and finding employment; sadness due to the end of another summer.  For the Student Bar Association, back to school means one thing: excitement; excitement for the start of the new year and the Back to School Bash.

On August 20, 2011, the San Diego Rowing Club in Mission Bay was once again the site for this annual shindig.  This event has always been a student favorite, and this year was no exception.  For 1Ls, it gave them a chance to meet new people and to connect with classmates outside of school.  2Ls had the chance to catch up on what everyone did over their first summer away from law school and to toast to the survival of their dreaded first year.  For 3Ls, it was a final chance to reminisce before embarking on their final year of law school. 

This year, the SBA outdid itself, as it does every year.  Keeping with this administration’s theme of “bigger and better,” changes were made while preserving tradition.  First the SBA provided an amazing double-decker bus to and from the East Village.  Also, instead of having some poor 3L stand at the barbecue and cook enough burgers and bratwursts to feed 300 people, Bekker’s West Coast Catering was there to lend a hand and prepare their delicious BBQ fare.  Also, replacing the karaoke DJ was Rock Out Karaoke, San Diego’s preeminent live-band karaoke experience.  With ROK, students were able to fulfill their rock-star fantasies and play “lead singer” while rocking out to their favorite songs.  At one point, Joshua Tallman, 3L and SBA Treasurer, strapped on a bass guitar and joined the band for “Praise Chorus” by Jimmy Eat World.  Even the band was impressed that Josh was able to not only sing the song amazingly, but also keep up with the guitar. 

All in all, it was another successful event.  Be on the look out for details on the Halloween Party.  Friday October 28, 2011.  Location TBA.