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Brett Bettesworth 3L One of Four TJSL Students Interning at Qualcomm

June 19, 2013

Brett Bettesworth Qualcomm

Brett Bettesworth (3L) is one of four TJSL students who are interning this summer at Qualcomm, the wireless technology giant based in San Diego.

“This summer I will be working with Qualcomm’s e-discovery team, responding to discovery requests and dealing with various types of litigation,” said Bettesworth. “ In addition to that, I’ll be focusing heavily on revising some of the purchase agreements and contracts for Qualcomm’s customers.  From what I understand, it’s really going to be a good mix of both transactional and litigation practice.” 

How did Bettesworth land a coveted internship like this one?

“To be honest, the way I landed this internship was networking,” Bettesworth said.  “I am sure there were dozens of individuals that were just as qualified if not more so than I for the position.  When TJSL hosted the ACC In-House Counsel Day last Fall, I went out of my way to meet the keynote speaker, a big name at Qualcomm.  I have always had a passion for mobile communications and am a bit of a techie nerd.  From my time in college selling cell phones at AT&T to my internship with innovation and tech trade-organization CONNECT in La Jolla, I’ve always been fascinated with the latest technology that impacts our lives.”

Bettesworth says his experience and his TJSL classes prepared him for the Qualcomm internship.

“In addition to my internships at CONNECT and working for the House Judiciary Committee and the subcommittee on Intellectual Property in D.C., Professor Templin here at TJSL really instilled in me a love for contract law,” Bettesworth added. “ His class made contracts fun and I can’t wait to see how what I learned in his class plays out on a large scale at Qualcomm.  Being in the joint MBA program at SDSU has really set me up for this opportunity as well, as I’ve been told the biggest part of corporate practice is knowing the business – you can’t know the law without knowing the ins and outs of the business.  This really is my dream job and I feel very blessed to have a chance to be at Qualcomm this summer.”         

The other TJSL students doing summer internships at Qualcomm are Ricardo Elorza, Jim Harris and Sam Kossack.