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Brittany Walker Reflects On Her Recent D.C. Internship

August 19, 2013

Brittany Walker with Senator Ted Cruz

By Samantha Morales 3L

Even for a seasoned law student like third year law student Brittany Walker, summer can go by in a glimpse of an eye when you’re interning and networking in our nation’s capital.

Walker recently completed her third internship in Washington, D.C as an intern for Americans for Prosperity, a non-profit organization focused on educating consumers, business owners and the general public about the value of an open and market-oriented economy. Her responsibilities allowed her to work directly with the organization’s General Counsel on tax law, campaign finance law and corporate law.

This was an exciting summer for Walker, who definitely made the most of her time in D.C. She met Senator Ted Cruz and Senator Rand Paul, was awarded a scholarship to attend the Republican National Lawyer Associations’ Seminar on Election Law in Chicago and even attended a private reception hosted by the Federalist Society inside the Supreme Court!

“This experience has been invaluable to adding the extra layer I needed to advance my career. When I do find my niche, I’ll be ready,” shared Walker, whose previous prestigious internships include interning for Congressman Jon Porter and the House Judiciary Committee. 

It is no surprise why Walker, a native of Las Vegas, caught the “D.C. Bug”. Her sights are set on building a flourishing career in the mecca of government and politics.

“Being here you get a sense of how government operates – something you’ll never get to see by staying here on the west coast. Until you see how the day to day operations play out, you won’t know how it works,” (Walker explained.)

As a law student, Walker has continued to expand upon her political science background. In addition to staying active in local politics, she has also served on the board of the Jefferson Law Republicans and has been instrumental in rechartering the Federalist Law Society. As she prepares to complete her final semester here at TJSL, Walker stressed how important it is to network and meet a wide range of attorneys.

“The most meaningful part of this summer has been making lasting friendships and connections,” said Walker.