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“Burgers, Beer, and Banter” with Professor Tiefenbrun

February 22, 2013

On Wednesday, February 26, JLR hosted the first ever “Burgers, Beer, and Banter.” During the first of what will surely become a tradition, different people looking to see their professor outside of the classroom thought it would be great to have a chance to talk to a professor; and boy was it. Professor Susan Tiefenbrun did not disappoint. 

“I am a card carrying Democrat, and I don’t drink beer” Professor Tiefenbrun told the group. “But she does have quite the life story!” Said Rachel King. 2L Professor Tieffenbrun started by explaining her start as a young Jewish woman from a family of immigrants that moved to the Bronx, New York, in 1917, escaping from Russia during the Bolshevik Revolution. The astounding orator went on to explain how she overcame many social and physical obstacles to become a very well known personality both here at TJSL and in the legal community nationwide. Did you know that she is not only a lawyer, but she has her masters and PhD in French and can speak 9 other languages including English? And she did all of this while being a mother of three, changing careers three times, facing adversity and moving completely across the country on her own. 

Professor Tifenbrun was the first of a long list of professor’s that JLR has lined up to speak at what is sure to become a welcomed tradition here at TJSL.: “I’m really excited to hear what other professors have to say and how they got to where they are”  Brittany Walker, 2L.

After the success the first ever “Burgers, Beer, and Banter,” The event looks to be a regular hit, another “Beers, Banter, and Burgers” is planned for March 20th, “but this time, at a bigger venue.” Chase Victorson, 2L. We hope to see you there.