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Cameron Oxberry’s Internship with the Department of Homeland Security

September 4, 2013

Cameron Oxberry

Cameron Oxberry (2L) recently completed an intensive, 10-week externship with the Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Principal Legal Adviser (OPLA). Oxberry commuted daily from San Diego to OPLA’s flagship office in downtown Los Angeles.

“I want to thank everyone in Career Services because without them, this experience would not have been possible,” said Oxberry. “Director of Career Services Beverly Bracker played an integral part in helping me prepare for my interview and without Associate Director of Career Services Maysa Eissa’s encouragement, I never would have attended the Southern California Public Interest Career Day.”

During the summer, Oxberry researched and drafted multiple memoranda, motions, briefs and other moving papers on a variety of immigration law issues. “In particular, my motion to reconsider successfully moved the Immigration Judge to vacate her prior judgment,” Oxberry said. “I composed an appellate brief for the Board of Immigration Appeals and often accompanied trial attorneys to court as second chair. I observed civil rights litigation in U.S. District Court pertaining to Immigration & Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) detention policies and conferred with members of ICE’s National Security Team as well.

“I came to law school because I want to litigate,” said Oxberry.“ At 55,000 cases, OPLA Los Angeles has the largest docket of any public office in the U.S. This externship afforded me the opportunity to gain tangible experience as a litigator. I am grateful to OPLA for teaching me a great deal about legal analysis and synthesis as well. I also had the privilege of meeting former ICE Director John Morton. Director Morton met with the legal interns privately and allowed us a question and answer period. He is a highly charismatic individual with an infectious personality. It was exhilarating to speak with him.”

Oxberry said that the highlight of the summer occurred when he litigated as the attorney on record on behalf of the government against opposing counsel in U.S. Immigration Court.

The SES Chief Counsel Los Angeles, Sandra Anderson, awarded Oxberry a certificate of appreciation at the conclusion of his summer tenure with OPLA.

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Oxberry secured this internship through the 2013 Southern California Public Interest Career Day. Registration details for the 2014 Southern California Public Interest Career Day will be available in December.