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CLIMB Program Culture Night: Empower Yourself

March 30, 2012


“My power came from the fact that I learned what I love to do,” Professor Maurice Dyson told his audience. “If you’re passionate about something – that’s your power.”

Professor Dyson was speaking to students from the Crawford High School Legal Academy, who came to TJSL on Thursday, March 29, for CLIMB Culture Night. 

CLIMB, which stands for the Crawford Legal Institute & Mentorship Bond program, was founded by Professors Maurice Dyson and Bill Slomanson of TJSL’s Diversity Committee.  In the CLIMB program, TJSL students work very closely with Crawford students and become role models and mentors to them.

The evening’s theme was “Power, Privilege and Inequality.”

“The most successful people are the best at what they do,” Professor Dyson said. “If you are better at something than anyone else, people will pay you for it.”

It was Professor Dyson’s way of inspiring the students to follow their passion, as he did, inspite of major hurdles in his path.

TJSL Admissions Director Tim Spearman also told the students that “information empowers you. When you have the courage to ask questions and listen to the answers you empower yourselves and put yourselves on a level playing field.”

And Spearman said an important way to give yourself power is through a legal career.

“The legal system needs you,” Professor Kaimi Wenger told the students as he spoke to them about how “un-level” that playing field can be because of the inequality that that many people face in the United States.  “A lot of people are excluded from the legal system. And as far as inequality goes, we need you to say we’re not going to take this anymore.”