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Criminal Law Litigator Alex Ozols ‘12

December 9, 2013

Recent graduate Alex Ozols ‘12 is a criminal law litigator and has started his own practice at the Ozols Law Firm and he also works for The Law Office of Bradley Corbett based in San Diego. He has always wanted to be a criminal defense litigator.

Mr. Ozols stated, “I have always wanted to do criminal defense since I was a young child. My goal is to make sure no one is ever wrongfully convicted, to make sure they are all seen equal under the law and to make sure they have the best legal representation possible.”

Ozols is proud of his practice and has experienced great successes. “In the past year I have got to close over 100 cases, including misdemeanors, felonies, co-defendant cases, and a highly publicized federal case which was featured on the front page of the Union Tribune. I was recently named Rising Star by Attorney Journal Magazine and nominated for the Top Young Attorney of 2013 by the Daily Transcript.”

During his time in law school, Ozols enjoyed the clinical placements he received from the externship department. According to Ozols, the “externship program forced me to go out there and look for a job. I called attorneys at every firm I could, I eventually found an attorney who I bonded with and he hired me right out of law school.” Ozols valued all of the work experience that he obtained in law school and believes that is the most critical piece of the job search puzzle. 

Ozols advises students to obtain as much work experience as they can while in school. “Every person in my graduating class that worked and did whatever they could all throughout law school have not had problems getting jobs. I worked at the Public Defender and at a private law firm every semester I was in law school. I shadowed other attorneys whenever I could, I was the second chair on trials and I was in court whenever possible. The same day I was sworn in, I was in the courthouse and ready to go. It was all because of the hard work I did during my time at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.”

“We congratulate Mr. Ozols with a successful start to his career,” said Associate Director of Career Services, Randy Reliford.

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