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CSLP Speakers Series Featured S.D. Padres Asst. GM of Baseball Operations

April 13, 2015

On Friday, April 10, the Center for Sports Law & Policy (CSLP) at Thomas Jefferson School of Law hosted the final installment of the 2014-2015 ‘Padres Speakers Series’ with Padres front office executive Josh Stein, who has worked for the Padres since 2003 in varying roles.  

During his presentation, Stein discussed his background and experience, what he currently oversees and what that means to the organization, staffing levels/structure, goals, and metrics, with general questions from the audience that followed.

The event was the fourth installment of the Padres Speakers Series for 2014-2015 that has featured Jarrod Dillon, former Vice President of Corporate Partnerships; Erik Greupner, Vice President and General Counsel; and team Ownership Group member Tom Seidler.

Being a J.D. himself, Stein told the Sports Law Fellows and guests that “law school will give you the opportunity to make a career in what you are passionate about.” He stressed the differences in his current role as Assistant General Manager of Baseball Operations between the administrative tasks and evaluation of baseball players’ talent. Stein noted that administrative tasks consist of contract negotiations and arbitration, with evaluation consisting of scouting and evaluating talent. He said that he preferred the latter, stating it was the most difficult part of the job, the most rewarding, while carrying the most risk.

Alumnus Carlos Martinez ‘09 was in attendance and worked with Stein early in his career. “Josh Stein was magnificent in his discussion and insight of his duties and role as the Assistant General Manager for the San Diego Padres Organization. He captivated the audience with his stories of how he stayed in the baseball industry,” said Martinez.

Sports Law Fellow Rachel Baum 3L added “Josh’s determination to work in the field he had always dreamed of was inspiring. Hearing him speak about putting aside his ego, while excelling in three unpaid internships in order to work his way to the assistant GM role, goes to show that with the right mindset and work ethic no goal is out of reach.”

First-year law student Decker Cady 1L had this to share about the event “Josh Stein gave us some great insight as to the hard work it takes to break into the industry and how exciting and rewarding it can be once you do get your foot in the door.”  

The Padres Speakers Series was organized by CSLP Director Jeremy Evans with the help of the Padres Organization. Look for updates on the 2015-2016 Padres Speaker Series on the Center’s website.