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Deans Forum Recap

November 6, 2010

By Nancy Astifo, Student Bar Association, Treasurer (2010-2011)

The Student Bar Association of Thomas Jefferson School of Law presented a Dean’s Forum to address any questions raised by the student body regarding our new campus on Tuesday, October 26. Dean Rudy Hasl, Dean Eric Mitnick, and Dean Beth Kransberger provided information and answered questions regarding the move to the new building and all of its amenities.  Classes for the Spring 2011 semester begin January 18, 2011, with a ribbon-cutting ceremony to occur a few days before (TBA).

Dean Hasl first informed the students that registration for next semester will take place the first week of November and that the schedule will be more proportionally distributed because there will be more class space and more courses offered. Dean Hasl also encouraged taking advantage of online courses stating, “They are fairly rich and sophisticated.” The Dean added that online courses are a great opportunity to build experience in a particular area.

Dean Hasl then addressed the parking concerns at the new building and stated that TJSL is “gearing to be environmentally sensitive in a fragile ecosystem.” TJSL is attempting to discourage parking at the new law school building and encourage the use of public transportation. However, there will be 172 parking spaces below the building in the parking garage for faculty, staff, and carpoolers. There will also be plenty of bicycle racks and showers in the parking structure. In addition, the school is currently negotiating for 400 spaces of indoor parking at the PETCO Parking Lot adjacent to TJSL. The 400 available spaces will be an “opt-in” for students and billed to the student ONLY where the student chooses to use parking lot. Lastly, there are multiple parking lots in the immediate area, street parking where available, and another 170-plus parking spaces in the student housing apartment building one block from the new building, where TJSL student’s tenants and some guests may park.  In total, this is far more parking than available at the Old Town Campus.

Another topic discussed was the Fit Gym membership. All TJSL students will have a membership, which will be built into their tuition. Fit Gym has great amenities such as a healthy meals food section, a nutritionist, a pool, basketball courts and much more. The SBA is looking into hosting Intramural Sports at the gym. Students will also have access to the “Perx” Program through Fit Gym, including discount prices for almost all downtown businesses (Fit Gym Website “Perx” Program:

The Student Bar Association encouraged the need for a Deans Forum because many students expressed their concerns about the new building and requested more information. Many of the attendees expressed appreciation for holding the forum and excitement for the new building. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please email