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Deborah Micev (3L) Has Great Externship with Federal Magistrate Judge McCurine

August 5, 2013

Debbie Micev Extrenship

Deborah Micev (3L) is completing a summer long externship with Federal Magistrate Judge William McCurine, who is also a member of TJSL’s Broad of Trustees.

“My externship is about to wrap up and I couldn’t have had a better summer, “said Micev. “ Judge McCurine is a wise man and I learned many lessons. Thank you to everyone at Thomas Jefferson!”

Q-What made this externship a great experience for you?

“The best part of the externship was talking to Judge McCurine, and not just about the law, but more so about life and relationships.  He’s an amazing person and I feel very lucky that our paths in life have crossed.”

Q-What were your duties?

“I wrote up an order, a report and recommendation and various case summaries.  I frequently attended criminal hearings and settlement conferences.  All of the externs also go on several tours, including the bankruptcy courthouse, the federal prison and the U.S. Marshals facilities.  I learned many lessons in the courtroom, observing the attorneys and Judge McCurine interact with each other and the defendants.  I also learned a few good secrets to mediation: keep it real and make both sides feel like winners. “ 

Q-How did the internship come about?

“Professor Julie Cromer Young submitted my name after I completed an oral presentation in her Civil Procedure class.  I am very grateful that she considered me a good candidate for this position.”

Q-How did TJSL prepare you for the internship and how did it help you on the job?

“I think the most important lesson I learned at TJSL is to be nice and ask questions.  That way you create opportunities for learning and meeting people everywhere you go.  Hopefully, you find fun and friends along the way!”