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Did You Know?

October 11, 2010


Did you know that you don’t have to wait until next August to start law school? That’s right; you can start this January! We are currently accepting applications for the spring 2011 class.

Here are a few questions often asked regarding starting in the spring:

Q. Is there a disadvantage to starting in the spring, as opposed to staring in the fall?
A. No. In fact, one advantage is that the entering class is smaller, giving you more opportunities to meet people and interact with your professors.

Q. If I start in the spring do I have to take classes the first summer to “catch up?”
A. No. There is no “catching up” in the sense that you would be behind by starting in the spring. You can feel free to take summer classes, but it is not required.

If you’re ready to start what will be the most challenging and exciting chapter of your life, apply now!