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Exciting Internship at Gotham Comedy Club in New York City

May 7, 2013

Chase Victorson 2L

By Randolph C. Reliford, Esq., Associate Director of Career Services
This summer, Chase Victorson (2L), will be interning at the famous Gotham Comedy Club in New York City, where he will be working for legendary Director of New Talent, Andy Engel. Victorson will be producing and promoting comedy shows at Gotham and booking comedians. He will also be running and marketing the Manhattan Comedy School.

“What excites me about this is that it is a dream job,” said Victorson. “I am working in entertainment, which is what I want to do, I am working in New York, which is a place I have wanted to go for a long time, and I am working in comedy, which is simply gravy. Everything from the people I will work with, to where I’m working, to what I’ll be doing excites me!” Victorson plans to make the most of his opportunity by expanding his network in New York and finding ways to add value to the comedy club and industry with his law school education.

Victorson had worked extensively with Career Services to craft his resume and cover letter. “After the advice I received from Career Services, I felt as though I had all the tools I needed to attack the job market,” he said.

I constantly revised my resume and cover letter with Randy Reliford, and learned how to tailor my materials for each position. I also learned that the key to getting an internship is showcasing my talents in the appropriate way and being persistent.” 

Victorson regularly patrolled numerous job boards and submitted his materials on-line and in person. He found this particular opportunity on ‘’ “Knowing who to talk to and persistence was the reason I got the job, he said. “Had I submitted my materials on-line only, I am sure that I would not have gotten this sweet gig.” Victorson took two critical steps that enabled him to be successful. First, “I looked up the contact information for the Gotham Comedy Club and called.” Second, “I was persistent. After calling, and emailing my materials directly to Andy, I followed up every other week for two months.” After several follow up communications, Engel interviewed Victorson and offered him the position on the spot.
When asked how he would advise another student about obtaining a similar experience, Victorson recommends some very practical steps: “Never think your dream is unrealistic. I’ve been told by numerous people, even after they know I want to work in entertainment, that I need to get a more ‘traditional’ job, or that I need to do something different.” He followed that up by stating, “You have to pound the pavement. I sent out well over 30 individual resumes and cover letters, each of which took me at least an hour to personalize to the specific jobs.” Finally, Victorson insists, “Do not get downtrodden. I was ecstatic when I began getting interviews” after having received four interviews in one week.  “However, I lost some steam when I did not get any of those jobs. Do not let that stop you, you just have to keep pushing ahead, even if you have interviews, keep applying because you never know when one is going to hit, especially in entertainment.”
Please join us in congratulating Chase Victorson as he moves to New York to follow his dream for the summer!