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Faculty SSRN Scholarship Downloads Rise

August 13, 2010


The Social Science Research Network’s (SSRN) newest survey proves that the TJSL faculty’s legal scholarship continues to be among the most downloaded in the nation and in California.

In fact, in the survey dated July 18, 2010, TJSL has moved up in the rankings over the past few months from 67th to 63rd TOP U.S. Law School on SSRN based on new downloads, outpacing other law schools such as Hastings, Washington and Lee, University of Georgia, Seattle University, William and Mary, University of Miami and University of Hawaii.

Among only California law schools, TJSL is ranked in 9th place for most downloads in the SSRN survey, which demonstrates that TJSL is still surpassing some larger and longer established but less productive law faculties in the state.

TJSL also has five professors listed in the SSRN Top 1,500 Authors ranked by new downloads: Professors Leah Christensen, Aaron Schwabach, Steve Semeraro, Deven Desai and Susan Tiefenbrun. There are more than 17,000 law professors in the nation.

The purpose of the SSRN website is to rapidly disseminate or make available scholarly research in the social sciences and humanities, particularly in the areas of law, economics, finance, accounting and management. Scholarly papers and authors are ranked by their number of downloads, which is an informal indicator of popularity and interest.

Here are the July 2010 SSRN national rankings of the California law schools:

UC Berkeley – 7
UCLA – 10
Stanford – 11
USD – 22
USC – 25
Loyola – 35
Chapman – 42
UC Davis – 43
TJSL – 63
Santa Clara – 76
UC Irvine – 78
University of San Francisco – 82
UC Hastings – 87
Pepperdine – 94
Southwestern – 120
McGeorge – 129
California Western – 152